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What Do You Think About These 2019 Grammy Fashion Choices?

I surveyed over 10,000 people on Instagram asking how they felt about these 2019 Grammy outfits.

The Grammys are known for many things, whether it be awarding phenomenal actors, recognizing singers, or even funny faces and moments made. But something everyone notices is the outfit choices. Going to the Grammys is an honor. Some people take this honor as an opportunity to make a fashion statement, but a lot of pop culture artists make absolutely wild and rather complex fashion choices.

On Instagram, I asked over 10,000 people their opinions on some interesting outfit choices made by those invited to the Grammys. I’ve also done these polls with two other topics. If you are interested in reading them, they’re in my Vocal profile. So is my Instagram user handle if you would like to participate in the next polling!

1. Bebe Rexha

75% of voters love it!

25% of voters hate it!

Bebe Rexha definitely killed this look. She purposefully brought a Valentine’s look to the Grammys floor. Bebe Rexha claims she “feels like a princess!” To ET news, she had been declined dress options from many designers because she wore a size 8. She called out these designers, and other fashion companies such as the company Monsoori, who designed her Grammy dress, were more than happy to dress her.

2. Cardi B

19% of voters love it!

81% of voters hate it!

Cardi B has definitely received some rather intense backlash for this outfit. But what people don’t know is that this outfit is a 1995 Mugler Couture. She definitely makes it work! People do seem to be adoring the accessories following it, such as the silk lavender gloves or the actual pearls on her head.

3. Dua Lipa

100% of voters love it!

0% of voters hate it!

People are absolutely adoring Dua Lipa’s outfit choice! This has been a very exciting year for her. She’s had many successes and is also wildly liked for her outfit choices. Many even agree she killed this look! Even when some designers told her that her looks needed a bigger step up, clearly a lot of fans would disagree. It’s no surprise people love this look!  

4. Lady Gaga

40% of voters love it!

60% of voters hate it!

Lady Gaga has always been known for her crazy fashion choices. But this year for the Grammys she went slightly simpler. I have to say, she definitely rocked this look. Many obviously agree with my opinion. Even her shoes and necklace were absolutely breathtaking. 

5. Anna Kendrick and Katy Perry

23% of voters love it!

77% of voters hate it!

The two have had many accomplishments this year. They both wore light pink dresses, but obviously they both had very controversial backlashes. Many think they were “too much” or “irregular.” Regardless of everyone’s opinions on these outfits, it doesn’t take away the successes they both had over the past year and that very night. 

6. Post Malone

63% of voters love it!

37% of voter hate it!

Post Malone wore a delightful pink outfit to the Grammys this year. Many agreed that he looked adorable and prepared. Some people thought it was a little too much and out of his comfort zone. In all honesty, it does seem like something he would wear. He definitely made this look a lot more pleasant. He had the perfect mix of not underestimating the Grammys, but overdoing it just a tad.  

7. Camila Cabello

76% of voters love it!

24% of voters hate it!

Camila Cabello has had an exciting year with many hits and collaborations. Her outfit for the 2019 Grammys was pretty basic, but definitely chic, a sparkly pink dress that gave her body an amazing shape. Plus her performances were actually pretty incredible.

8. Shawn Mendes

86% of voters love it!

14% of voters hate it!

Shawn Mendes wore a blue tux that appears to be of a rather silky material, which is pretty modern, but he unquestionably makes it work flawlessly! He also had an amazing performance with fellow Grammy nominee Miley Cyrus. 

9. Miley Cyrus

79% of voters love it!

21% of voters hate it!

This outfit had some concerns. Not because of its looks, which are actually quite stunning. But Miley was a performer that day and she risked having a wardrobe malfunction to wear that specific outfit to the 2019 Grammys. Thankfully, she didn’t have any malfunctions and continued to look gorgeous.

I hope you all enjoyed viewing outlooks on the 2019 Grammy fashion choices. To see more of my stories or get in contact with me, visit my Vocal profile. Happy 2019 Grammys!

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What Do You Think About These 2019 Grammy Fashion Choices?
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