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Why Are You Wearing?


An introspective multimedia project that delves into the minds of everyday people about why they wear what they wear. We often like to think that we don't care much about clothing and fashion or how we dress, but there's a rhyme to reason as to why we dress the way that we do. There's an emphasis on "everyday people," because in today's world, there is a central focus on being famous and/or receiving a lot of attention to be validated and to matter.


I'm interviewing individuals who appear confident and appear comfortable in what they are wearing and not uncomfortable. I ask them to describe what it is that they are wearing, from the top of their head to their feet, and why. I take a photograph of what they are wearing or ask them to provide a photo that they believe is a good representation of how they dress. In doing so, they go into more depth about their likes, preferences, dislikes, how they pick clothing, etc. To explore more visually when it comes to interviews, I chose to use a mind map in order to illustrate how complex, abstract and connected the responses are. The mind map doesn't have lines to connect the dots, because I believe it all connects somewhere, whether it's intentional or by abstraction. The colors that are used are ones the interviewee feels represents them well, which adds another aspect to the piece. The quotes are from the audio interview, that I believe captures the essence of how they dress.


The goal is to initiate a relationship with ourselves in how we present ourselves to the world, showing that there is much thought and consideration put into how we present ourselves in terms of appearance.

My thoughts so far...

Now that I'm working more on this project, I'm starting to see how important it is to have conversations with people about what they are wearing and why. As someone who is involved in the sustainable and ethical fashion conversation, I know that there is a lot of talking amongst ourselves, and I know people within the community are always thinking of ways to include the majority of the public into the conversation. And WAYW is definitely doing that. By going inward with people about their relationship with clothing, this creates and provides the opportunity to educate others and ourselves on how people are being sustainable and ethical in their everyday lives, which are not in alignment with the mainstream opinion of being ethical and sustainable.