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Trending Australian Fashion Musts

2019 is certainly going to be the year of fabulous trends...

Fashion trends seem to become more daring year in and year out, while they make several throwbacks in each season as well. This year, we’re gonna see plenty of ‘80s vibes mixed with an array of animal prints, bold accessories, but also calm neutral hues that will perfectly balance out the screaming vibrancy. For a fresh dose of 2019 trends, check out what Australia will love in 2019.

Bike Shorts

Whether you like to stay active or not, this fashion trend will definitely make you move. The line between streetwear and sportswear has long been blurred and now you can easily be able to see bike shorts matched with a hoodie and a pair of high heels. Throwing a fanny pack on top of everything alongside a trendy pair of shades is all you need for a fashion-forward outfit everyone will be amazed by. Bike shorts will also allow you to stay comfortable while also being trendy regardless of what you chose for your top and accessories.

Earthy Tones

Beige on beige is the main trend of 2019 and we couldn’t be happier about it. The timeless chicness and elegance this type of combination provides is all you need for a night out outfit. A beige coat in combination with beige trousers and a blouse, all topped off with a beige bag and a pair of boots is all you need for a trendy outfit that will make you the next big thing. Gold or black accessories are perfect to balance out the calmness of this neutral shade, so feel free to rock black sunglasses along with a black clutch to contrast your beautiful earthy-toned ensemble.

Designer Accessories

No outfit can be complete without trendy accessories, which is why you should invest in designer pieces that will ensure timeless elegance and will always go with any ensemble. Look for stylish Valentino accessories such as belts, clutches and double wrap cuffs that will freshen up every outfit adding a certain dose of chic to it. Belt bags are one of the biggest accessory trends of the year, so don’t miss out on investing in at least one of these gorgeous bags. Forget about carrying loads of necessities in your oversized purse, but make a bum bag your main accessory.

Animal Prints

Animalistic vibe has been around for a while, but in 2019, it’ll really reach its peak. With python prints on boots, trousers, tops, and bags and leopard prints covering the accessories section along with all the wardrobe pieces, we’ll be seeing a lot of animal prints everywhere. So, if you’ve been sceptic about wearing those fabulous python trousers, give them another opportunity and wear a white turtleneck and a pair of beige boots with it to see how gorgeous everything will look. Zebra print on a coat or boots matched with a white top is something you should definitely consider for your outing.

Matching Sets

This season is going to be all about matchy-matchy, as we’ll be seeing pencil skirts combined with crop tops in the same colour everywhere. There's not an easier way to make a statement outfit that will scream chic other than creating a set out of two separate pieces in the same colour. Royal blue pants and a top in the same colour topped off with a pair of trendy sunglasses is all you need this summer. Brightly coloured co-ords such as mustard top and skirt, or orange flared pants and a cropped long-sleeve top is all you need to look for if you want to stay trendy in 2019. Don't worry if you don't find a set that you can buy, because you can easily match some of your existing wardrobe, just make sure they have no prints on them to retain the simplicity of the colours. Considering neon hues are back as well, feel free to match your favourite lime green shorts and a top to create a trendsetting combo for your next walk around the town.

Final Thoughts

2019 is certainly going to be the year of fabulous trends, and whether you pick out some of the throwback trends or you come up with a new combination on your own, you’ll most certainly look fierce. Just make sure you make at least one of the aforementioned clothing items a part of your wardrobe, and rock those trendy accessories, beige tops or bike shorts like a true fashion diva that you know you’ll soon become. 

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Trending Australian Fashion Musts
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