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These Seven Sustainable Winter Pieces Optimize Warmth Without Sacrificing Style

Do it all in the name of style, warmth, and most importantly, protection for Mother Earth.

Winter weather is no joke, I get it. It takes a good amount of effort to bundle up before we can even think about stepping outside. As we lean into the cooler months, it’s essential that we dress up in layers curated from our arsenal of scarves, hats, sweaters, and socks. There is certainly a charm to dressing for the weather. Yet, our relationship with clothing has proven our fashion habits to be one of the world’s top polluters. I'll discuss the high cost of “fast fashion” in a future post. With over 3 million people preparing to circle into the winter months, we can expect a surge in sales for warm gear.

If we've made it this far in our evolution, it's only right that we extend our wits to the shopping racks. Here are some staple pieces to consider adding to your winter wardrobe while remaining eco-friendly. 

1. Classic Over the Knee Boots

These over the knee boots are a classic piece that adds a touch of charm to any winter outfit. Made from vegan micro-suede fabric, the vision behind Matt and Nat (Material and Nature) explores the harmony between the abundant nature that surrounds us and the material we are provided with. If boots were made for walking, these boots will also do the talking on innovative ways to use and recycle materials. 

2. Hemp Nordic Puffer Coat

This mid-length Nordic puffer coat made by Hoodlamb comes in a sleek black color covering up to the mid-thigh. Each of their pieces contains multiple shell layers and are coated with an organic hemp cellulose to offer peak protection against extreme temperatures whether wet, windy, or cold conditions. Hoodlamb offers an array of winter outerwear for both men and women while also maintaining a balance between style and sustainability. 

3. Organic Moleskin Coat

This high tech coat is more than it appears. While it dresses up even the most casual of outfits, this piece is lined with water-resistant and windproof fibers making it a diverse option in the winter. Vaute Couture is a clothing brand putting sustainability and animal welfare at the forefront. 

4. Reversible Faux Fur Coat

A great alternative to fur, the faux fur coat by Save the Ducks can also be worn in two ways. The outside shows off an eco-friendly faux fur. When reversed, this coat can be worn to show a quilted pattern. Why get two jackets when you have it all in this one? 

5. Onesies

We all love a good onesie. Especially in the winter when the snow keeps us in with a good book and a cup of coffee. This pair is made by Me Undies from sustainably sourced fiber from beechwood trees to keep you feeling warm and dreamy this winter. This intimates brand knows the importance of sustainability and the value in comfort. 

6. Studded Vegan Jacket

A studded spin on an all-time classic. This vegan leather jacket by Noize Official is perfect for those nicer winter days where the sun reflects the snow just right. When layered appropriately this piece invites a warm, yet edgy air to all things sustainable.

7. Faux Sheepskin Boot

Uggs are ugly. These faux sheepskin boots by Beyond-Skin keep the traditional warmth of lined boots without the exploitation of animals or humans. Beyond-Skin also sets out to provide the highest luxury in eco-friendly materials. 

These are just a few out of the many sustainable clothing options out there. You might even want to pick up an extra piece or two for your siblings as the holidays approach. Sustainable fashion makes all of the statements.

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These Seven Sustainable Winter Pieces Optimize Warmth Without Sacrificing Style
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