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The World Is Your Runway 👠

For All Of You Fashion Enthusiasts

Created By Remy

When I was a little girl, my mom always dressed me. I was never one of those little girls that dressed like the others. I have always been very girly. My mom would dress me and pick out my outfits. I remember back-to-school shopping and how I constantly looked forward to it. The weather was usually becoming chilly and the leaves were falling off the trees. I could finally buy those fuzzy boots I wanted or that warm scarf. Fall was always my favorite season as a little girl. My hair in pigtails with whatever cozy but cute outfit my mom picked out that day.

Reaching my teens, my mom definitely didn’t dress me anymore (LOL). Although, she likes to take the credit. Guess I cannot blame her though, she does have wonderful taste. I remember my teens being a difficult part of my life, I was always a confident girl. I think it was partly due to my clothes and outfits. I keep hearing my mom saying in the back of my mind “It’s not a runway, Remy.” Hearing her say that makes me laugh because as Coco Chanel says, “Everyday is a fashion show & the world is your runway.” As much as my mom says it’s not one, I’d like to disagree. For girls who have a passion for fashion, they understand what I mean.

Everyday in high school for me was a runway. I was always one of those girls that took two hours or more to pick out one outfit for the next day. I’d try on every one outfit imaginable, it seemed like anyway. Before you knew it my room looked like a mountain peak of sweaters, jeans, scarves, jewelry. I was always one of those girls that “had nothing to wear” even though my closet was large enough to shove the Eiffel Tower in. Ok I exaggerated, maybe not that big. But you get the picture. I had a lot of clothes! I still do, the collection is forever growing!

I was that girl in high school that always had to wear some type of heeled shoe. I felt cool as my heels clicked down the hallway. As much as I wanted it to feel exactly like that slow motion part in a movie, it never did. Fashion was not just what I wore but how I felt, a reflection of my mood. One day, I’d go punk and dress in all black and a flannel. The next day I’d wear a pink skirt, white top, and wedges. Some days I’d feel a bit lazy wearing jeans and a simple top. I never forgot the heeled shoes, they made the outfit.

Looking back I realize how much clothes have helped my confidence levels throughout the years. When I was feeling down shopping was the cure. My favorite thing to shop for you ask? Is that even a question. You know what they say, “Always bring your a game.” For me that meant bring your best outfit. I followed that rule religiously. I would have all the confidence and determination in the world with just that one outfit. I believe fashion speaks too. You know when you go through a nasty breakup and your girls say, “Makeover!” For me it should have been, “Outfit change!” Putting on that brand new outfit that made you feel HOT was all I needed. I smiled as I looked in the mirror I was still that little girl my mom dressed years ago. Except this time it was all me and the world was my runway.

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The World Is Your Runway 👠
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