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The Best Bra for Your Bod

The style of bra means something different for everyone. Price, style, and patterns give bras that VA VA Voom​ you may be searching for.

After a whole entire year wearing this specific brand of bra, I have to say, for women who have a bigger cup size, this bra is amazing.


I am a bigger girl, and I also have a bigger cup size. Currently and for the last year, I have been a 44G. They are perfectly round so I need a full coverage bra. I was searching for a pretty bra that fits well, made my girls look good, and was also sexy/fashionable when they needed to be. 

I used to spend 15.00 to 25.00 dollars on my bras. I would wear them maybe twenty or so times before they were done for. Then I found this amazing brand, Adore Me.

What It's Like...

Adore Me was a great find, they had pretty patterns, matching sets and great prices for the quality and colors they offered. They have a Plus Size section and a regular size section, so they have a fit for everyone. Bra sizes go all the way up to DDD and G.  

Bra styles they offer: 

  1. Balconette
  2. Bralette
  3. Demi
  4. Full Coverage
  5. Plunge
  6. Racerback
  7. Seamless
  8. Strapless

Among those they have: unlined and contour.

This means there is either zero padding in the cup or there is padding.  

They have all sorts of colors and different styles of matching underwear. Most of the time you can choose between thongs or hipsters.

Sexy or Functional

They have several bras including T-Shirt bras for smaller women. The racerback, seamless, and full coverage that works well for under the shirt. There are several selections that have lace too. Lovely patterns, solid colors, and pajama sets too.

They also have corsets. I have bought two and I find them fun and flirty for limited wear. Long term, they don't have the support or the boning to really support anything. They are good for a sexy look though. Many have zipper fronts or front close clasps.

Their sexy valentine collection each year is divine. There are many fun and flirty styles you can wear. Some not functional for everyday use.


These are the most comfortable bras I have been in. Sizing is extremely important. Adore Me bras run a little small. A DDD is more the size of a DD so don't be discouraged if you're a larger size with Adore me. They have very good coverage. 

Most bras have four snaps in the back, and their underwear sizing runs bigger. 

The pajamas are very comfy, the only slightly frustrating thing is the 4X doesn't fit a G size bra. So if you are a 44G or 40G like me, you will have some slight fit troubles with any of the pajamas that have isolated bra sections in them. 

They have several choices for tops and many are tank, T-shirt, or long sleeved for winter wear. They also have some very cute baby dolls that have matching bottoms.

No matter your bra size, they have something that will fit you and look good. Use their custom fit finder. Take your measurements and add them into the generator. It will tell you your size based on your measurements.

Make it last!

Make your bra last longer...DON'T WASH IT IN THE WASHER.

Handwash all your bras. Underwear usually does fine in a cold wash in the machine, but your bras cannot take it. I wash mine in a clean sink and hang them to dry in my shower. You can use a natural soap such as peppermint soap, SA8, Fortune Cookie Laundry detergent, Mrs. Meyers, or Castille Hemp soap. As long as there is NO BLEACH in them, they will work just fine. To keep your bras soft, use a liquid clothing softner. About a teaspoon in your water after washing can add softness to your bra. Just don't add too much. 

  1. Handwash your bras in a clean sink or bathtub. (You can save water by washing your bras during your bath. Then using softener when you get out.)
  2. Add a teaspoon or 1/2 teaspoon to water after washing, rinse and hang to dry.
  3. Hang to dry in shower or bathtub. Hang them with the middle part on the bottom of the hanger so that both bra cups are matching each other on either side. Don't hang by straps or they will stretch out. 
  4. Don't use harsh soaps or chemicals. Don't scrub your bras with a brush or washcloth. Use the same motion your washer mimics.

If you have a washer that has NO INNER BARREL, you can wash your bras in the washing machine on delicate with a medium amount of water. Your bra should not be agitated or mixed with other clothes or bras. 

You can use a bra ball to wash formed cup bras, but I've found the bra ball pops open too frequently.

You should be comfortable!

Adore Me has great return policies on any bra not bought on sale or with a coupon. You can return it for free and get a different size. They arrive in nice boxes and even have tracking on them so you can see where they are.

Your bra should never hurt, rub you, or poke into you. If it does, your sizing needs adjustment to the style of bra you've chosen. Once you find a bra that works for you, you'll find several different styles.

Good luck! Happy hunting and may you walk the road less traveled!

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