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Ada Zubaa day ago
University Grad What Not to Wear
Well, the time is upon us where women start to think about what to wear to their very own graduation. This may be the last graduation that you will be taking part in, you know for a fact pictures will...
Kenya Smith25 days ago
Plus Size Girls Want to Look Cute Too
As a girl who wears a UK size 18 and 20 in clothing, it’s very frustrating to shop in high street stores. Many of the high street stores that sell clothes that fit my style hardly ever provide sizes t...
Trish Gilmore25 days ago
Best Suspenders for Women and How to Wear Them
If you thought suspenders are fashion accessories strictly for men, I've got some very cute and sexy styles to open your eyes up to. Now, the key to pulling off suspenders is absolutely what you wear ...
Charlotte Faya month ago
A 30-Piece, French-Inspired Capsule Wardrobe
Is it just me or does the French look never get old? To me, it is the ultimate look, timeless and classic. But how does a normal girl get this undone yet oh so put together look? Well, it’s a mix of c...
Brittany D2 months ago
The Best Bra for Your Bod
After a whole entire year wearing this specific brand of bra, I have to say, for women who have a bigger cup size, this bra is amazing.
Destiny Smalls2 months ago
The Feminine Series (Pt. 1)
I enjoy dressing like a lady and when I say that, I mean more feminine and not looking manly, like showing off my curves a little and my silhouette. I do wear the sweatpants or not a well put together...
Remy Kelbel5 months ago
The World Is Your Runway 👠
When I was a little girl, my mom always dressed me. I was never one of those little girls that dressed like the others. I have always been very girly. My mom would dress me and pick out my outfits. I ...
Lisa Briskey6 months ago
I Love Hats
Hats have been around since the beginning of time. In the past, hats were a mark of rank or social standing. I am glad that it is different today. Did you know that felt is the most common material th...
Sasha Konikovo7 months ago
Best Skinny Jeans for Curvy Women
For many men and women out there, nothing is quite as sexy as a good pair of jeans. Jeans, when cut correctly, are some of the most flattering clothes money can buy. They can be sexier than lingerie, ...
Madeline Zenk7 months ago
11 Different Forms of Lolita Fashion
If you happen to be a fan of anime (a Japanese form of animation), then you probably know all about Lolita fashion. Just in case you’re not a fan yet and you don’t know its history though, here’s a br...
Amanda Stamper7 months ago
Ways to Wear Mom Jeans
Some years ago, using the moniker "mom jeans" was the fashion kiss of death. Nowadays however, the mom jean has been redefined by bloggers and hipsters alike. If you love Old Navy and are ready to tak...
Nicola P. Young7 months ago
Different Ways to Style Boyfriend Jeans
Boyfriend jeans are a must-have staple for every fashionable wardrobe. They're extremely comfortable and easy to wear, but still show off impeccable style and taste. But as with any basic wardrobe sta...
Dominique Ziehl7 months ago
The Push and Pull of Masculinity in Womenswear
Feminism has always been a big topic in society for women and has grown exponentially with the 21st century. But what people don’t realize is that it’s always a part of humanity. Fashion trends and hi...
Kioko Leonia7 months ago
Best Women's Sunglasses Under $100
One thing that describes women so well is the desire to have more and more clothes and accessories even if we don't need them, and women's sunglasses under $100 are definitely one of the items that mo...
April Demarco7 months ago
Best Jeans for Women to Buy in 2018
Jeans have been a staple piece of any wardrobe since their invention. Originally created for the working man, women began adopting men’s fashion pieces for their own. Eventually jeans for women became...
Lizzie Boudoir7 months ago
Best Women's Underwear for Every Occasion
Women’s underwear comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, fabrics and fits. And, unfortunately, we generally always need at least one variation of each one of those shapes, sizes, fabrics and fits in our...
Katie Marchbank7 months ago
Best One Piece Swimsuits to Buy in 2018
Sure, there are many things to love about affordable bikini sets on Amazon (2 day shipping anyone?!). But one piece swimsuits are no longer for lifeguards, moms, or the conservative! They come in so m...
Claudia Jerro7 months ago
Best Workout Underwear for Women
If I told you that wearing the right underwear boosts your confidence and makes you work out harder, would you believe me? What if I told you that this is one of best kept secrets as told by celebrity...