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Letitia-leigh 17 days ago
Autumn and Winter Comfy Must Haves
So this years autumn fashion has given us some brilliant new styles that will help us to keep warm. Haven’t seen them yet? Girl, I’ve got you. I’m going to mainly focus on this seasons main staples in...
Amber maya month ago
One Color Fashion
There are so many fashion trends out in the world—they're even bringing back the old 90s outfits, which I'm not mad about. There are lot of people out in the world that stick with what they like, they...
Kaleigh Scanlona month ago
How To Look Designer on a Budget
Being a college student, I'm as stereotypical as they come - broke as hell. But even before pursuing my higher education (*sarcastic hair flip*), I have always pinched pennies. Growing up with money o...
Karen Gosal a month ago
Barbie on a Budget​
In a world with 7 billion people, we all seek our own identity. Brands are now able to market and research fashion in order to set trends and make bold statements. With so many brands accumulating and...
Melanie Howera month ago
Thrift Shopping 101
My friends and family know not to even ask, "Where'd you get your outfit?" because my answer is always... the thrift store! Just know that 99% of the time, I'm wearing at least one piece of thrifted c...
Andres Marina month ago
The Art of Thrift-Shopping
Six Tips for the Beginner Thrifter
Kristen Bingel2 months ago
The Problem with Posh
Even though Poshmark has gone far beyond what any other fashion app has succeeded in doing as both a thrift app as well as wholesale distribution, there are some unmistakable discrepancies that I’ve n...
Ashley Zych2 months ago
Fall Must-Haves
Fall is officially here, which means it's time to add a little spice into your wardrobe and life. For me, fall usually means bonfires, hoodies, sweaters, leaves, rain, thunderstorms, Halloween, and mu...
Nicola P. Young2 months ago
10 Stores Every Curvy Girl Will Love
The fashion industry has historically catered most significantly to a very limited and unrealistic set of sizes and proportions, often leaving curvy women with tragically few options. Luckily, women e...
Erin Torres3 months ago
Thrifting for Threads
For some, buying clothes second-hand may be second nature, but for others, it may even make them a bit wary and uncomfortable, especially if they have never thrifted before. A common misconception is ...
Jessica Bradley3 months ago
Nike's SNKRS App
I've always loved shoes and recently have fallen in love with the Nike App, SNKRS. If you are a sneaker head, like myself, then you will love this app! First off, this app is extremely user friendly. ...
Sasha Konikovo3 months ago
Top 28 Online Shopping Sites You Probably Never Heard Of
I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I believe that the best thing that has ever happened to fashion is the rise of online shopping. Online shopping allows you to get hard-to-find clothes that ...
Maddie Green3 months ago
Best Cheap Online Clothes Stores
I buy clothes all the time—really, all the time. Every other week I have a new delivery, and it's terrible, but... I can't help it. So, over the time since I got a bank account and started this obsess...
Danielle Banner3 months ago
How To Find Vintage Fashion Online
There is something magical about a thrift store. From the nostalgic smell when you walk through the door to the rows upon rows of well-loved garments from decades past, shoppers are immediately transp...
Jessica Critch3 months ago
Top 10 Magical Disney Instagram Stores
I've learned that by spending enormous amounts of time on social media platforms such as Instagram that there's about every account you can think of—for better or for worse. Take me, for example! I lo...