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Spring Fashion Ideas

Cute Little Inspirations for Spring

Here are five things you can do to get you in the spirit of spring.

1) Pastel Colours

Wearing colours such as lilac and light pinks can help you get into the spirit of spring. Wearing the pastel colours can help you feel relaxed and can look cute with any outfit you decide to put together, you can do this with your nail polish or a cute bag or maybe a hair accessory.

2) Light Makeup

Wearing light makeup during the spring can help when the warmer comes in, it gives you a subtle look while giving you a natural glow. Maybe using a lightweight foundation with a little bit of powder on the top, I nice light brown eye shadow in the crease of your eye and a pastel pink shade over your lid, and a simple lipgloss will go a long way.

3) Light Clothing

Wearing a nice pair of skinny jeans and a light t-shirt would be perfect for spring, however, a light cardigan or a denim jacket will help bring your piece together. Another good thing to wear in the spring is a nice skirt with a pair of black tights and a brown pair of boots with a nice crop top with another denim jacket on top will look nice on a warm spring day.

4) Hair Colour Suggestions

As spring approaches changing up your hair colour may be a good idea, something light to medium colours are probably the best thing to reach for. A caramel brown colour is one of the most popular colours for spring as it is a natural colour. Another colour that goes well with spring is a natural blonde colour, or an ash blonde colour, this is not so much of a natural colour but when styled can look very much like a natural colour and it would also give the boys something to swoon over and will get you a lot of compliments with other girls.

5) Hairstyle Ideas

There are some cute hairstyle ideas that are perfect for spring which are not only versatile but also practical, so you can go from work to a night out in a flick of a switch. One of my favourite hairstyles for spring is a half up half down ponytail with light curls at the bottom, use a flat iron for the curls and very little hairspray will help the curls last all day and to get it to last through the night simply remove the bobble and use a small curling iron to get fuller curls. Another simple idea that is cute for spring is a simple fishtail braid on the side of your head, this is a cute and elegant style that is perfect for work or a drink with your friends, make sure to make it look as natural as possible by making it a little messy.

I hope these little tips get you into the spring spirit.

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Spring Fashion Ideas
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