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Shopper's Hack

Sometimes it's worth the wait.

Are you a shopaholic? I know I am! 

I don't know about you, but I don’t have much money. However, I love to live like I do.

Thankfully there are numerous amounts of tricks/hacks for the expensive poor (people who don't have much money but have expensive tastes).

My top hack for shopping, is to just wait when buying things. DO NOT just impulsively buy things—even if it's something you need. 

There were so many times I’ve just impulsively decided to buy something and later never liked it, or wore it, or used it. I just wasted money! If I waited maybe I would have changed my mind. Impulsive buying has cost me thousands! 

If you really want to be thrifty and don’t have much money to spend, wait till the item you want goes on sale. EVERYTHING will eventually go on sale. 

Stores come out with new things almost every season and they need to get rid of last seasons items … Where do those go? Oh yeah, the clearance rack! Any thrifty person's gold mine!

Shop the sales!

The clearance rack is the first place and usually the only place I go when shopping. If I’m shopping online I go right to the clearance page. A rule of thumb for me is ... If it’s not on clearance, I don’t need it (unless it’s something that's only $10, then I will usually just buy—it if I really want it). For this I’m talking those more expensive items that catch your eye.

Now, you may be thinking ... What if I wait and then they don’t have what I wanted?!?!

Trust me waiting is important. Even if they don’t have the item you wanted left, you may find something even better or just feel better you didn’t spend your money. (And if it was such a hot item they will usually come out with it again.)

Waiting to buy things can help you feel a little more in control with your shopping addictions.

Extra Tip...

When you’re shopping online, sometimes you can keep items in your cart for a couple days and companies will reach out via email to give you an extra little savings. I’ve done this with Fashion Nova as well as couple other sites. If you have a log in with them they will shoot you an email usually with an extra 10 percent off.

It’s worth the wait.