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My Current Style Icons

A list of people who have inspired me to embrace myself and my fashion sense in 2018.

Troye Sivan in the music video for My My My!

Arden Rose

I have been following Arden for a few years now and always found her aesthetic to be close to the one I had always envisioned for myself. I loved her quirky edge and that she can pull off any length of hair and make it almost a part of her outfit (how unfair). The different colour palettes she incorporates into each of her outfits always leaves me wondering why I never thought of mixing certain colours or experimenting with colours that I have been previously told 'did not suit me'. Her YouTube content has always made me feel like she was the big sister I never had and frankly I just love everything she stands for and that she uses her platform to educate others and spread positive vibes. You go, girl.

Ezra Miller

I there anything this man can't do? He literally wore a glorified sleeping bag to a premiere and still made it look ICONIC. I remember first becoming a fan of Ezra from the Perks of Being a Wallflower movie, and after seeing him get the role of Credence in the Fantastic Beasts series, knowing how HUGE a fan of Harry Potter he was, I honestly could not be happier for this man. He has always expressed himself through his style and has never been afraid to experiment and break away from stereotypes, which is one of my main reasons for loving him so much. His ever evolving style and acceptance of all types of clothing for all types of people is something everyone should be thankful for, because not only is he such a great style influence for the generation of millennials pushing boundaries, he is also one of the sweetest people.

Troye Sivan

I have been a fan of Troye for a few years now, and seeing his personality and style really bloom (no pun intended) has been so inspirational, particularly within the LGBTQ+ community. I feel like he has become entirely himself the last few years and I am so here for it. I have always been a big fan of androgynous style and that clothing should not be refined to one gender (!!!), seeing as my style has always been what most people refer to as tom-boy, but I see it as just me. I think my favourite Troye looks have to be from the My My My! music video, because that is just a masterpiece in itself. Directed by the go-to pop video creator Grant Singer, the use of lighting effects and black and white to colour transitions make this video so beautiful (plus the song is a bop). Everything that Troye is doing at the moment for the community and youth is so important and I have a lot of love for this man.

BTS (Suga, Jimin, and V)

BTS are a Korean group that I recently have got into (seeing as it's almost impossible not to see them all over social media lately) and I have to say, I am not sorry. Since listening to their latest music and learning a bit more about these guys, particularly almost shedding tears at leader RM's United Nations speech (highly recommend watching), I have found that I really dig their aesthetic and vibe as a band. I am aware though how often it changes with their different 'eras,' especially the hair. How I wish I could dye my hair that much without it actually all falling out of my head. When researching their style I found that I most related to Suga, Jimin and V's kind of personal style, though it is hard to differentiate between THEIR style and their stylists choices, that's why I chose to use airport photos, because surely they are allowed to dress themselves for that. This all tends to be more of the low-key stuff, like basics and layering, which is something I do often and feel can be equally effective as stand out pieces. I just wish I could afford their clothes. *sigh*

Matty Healy (The 1975)

Despite the 1975's different controversies and never-ending-angsty-Tumblr branding, I will defend this band till I die. I remember first listening to their Music For Cars EP in 2013 and immediately knowing I was into this sound, and that this was a band I would like for a long time. I do feel as though I grew up, particularly within school, alongside this band and that they shaped a lot of who I am and the music and style tastes I developed. Since the beginning I have always found Matty to be super endearing and inspirational, especially in his fashion. Watching them grow as musicians and as people has been amazing, and seeing Matty's style change throughout the different eras of the band shows exactly what it means to evolve and develop as a band. From the edgy, all black days of the debut self-titled album, through to I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It being colourful, pop-esque, and Matty absolutely owning that pair of platforms, and now leading swiftly onto A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships and the new sound they have developed, which ties both previous albums together. You get the strong feeling that the albums almost represent their fashion tastes as well as musical. If it's the all black to the colourful, the brunette to the blonde, I will always look to this man for style inspiration, only wish I could pull off the furry trousers too. 

Heather Baron-Gracie (Pale Waves)

Essentially being the love child of The Cure and The 1975 means you're definitely going to look good, right? Right. Pale Waves are a band that, of course, I got into through The 1975. Under the same record label, and Matty even directing one of their music videos, it was no surprise that they grew a huge following from people already into The 1975. Their vibe is not dissimilar, and Heather (lead singer) really excels at leading the band into the over-crowded market that is UK alt-pop. Since seeing their first music videos I was in awe at their style, no matter how dark it is. I am a particularly big fan of the crazy bright eyeshadows that they wear and feel that it definitely helps pull outfits together. Grunge is a style that I adopted in high school, but felt it never really fitted me. Now, however, I am not afraid to pull out my darkest tops, trousers, jackets, shoes and throw them all together. Thanks, Heather, teach me your eyeshadow technique though please?

David Bowie

Please lord never let this man's legacy fade away. I remember first listening to Changes when my dad told me it was one of his favourite songs from growing up as a teenager. Since watching his music videos, live performances, and Labyrinth (great film) I have always admired his confidence to stand out, break away from stereotypes, and not follow everyone else's lead. My particular favourite style moments would be from The Thin White Duke era and 90s Electronic era. These reached out to me the most in terms of my personal style and what could take away from them corresponding to my own wardrobe. His eras are endless, and his exploration of music and style is so inspiring, showing that we are all free to express ourselves how we choose. You will forever be missed David.


After seeing the music video for Strangers, following her on Instagram, then getting the chance to see her perform at a festival, it became apparent that I definitely wished I could look this good so effortlessly. I always loved styling basics and making outfits out of a few pieces that just go together so well, and I feel like Sigrid nails this. I love that her style seems like it is her genuine personal style and not that of which has been pushed upon her in order to fit effects model for female singers. The fact that it seems so youthful still is also great, as clothing should not be refined to certain age groups either. The colour palettes as well... I just love her aesthetic so much.

Carlotta Cosials (Hinds)

Carlotta is someone I regularly go to on Instagram when in need of quick inspiration for an outfit. That and she is such a positive person and I feel Hinds deserve a much bigger following in the media. And *cough* mega girl power? I think I got into the band around 2016, and more so into their style when I became aware of the damaging affects of fast fashion, something which for a long time people have been sweeping under the climate change rug and not addressing properly. A lot of their style and outfits are vintage and thrifted, something everyone should be more invested in. Thrifted clothing is second-hand, ethical, cheaper, and often more unusual. Why wouldn't you be interested?

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