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Monochromatic Inspiration

When I envision one-colour outfits, I think of magazine editorials. I also think that I would absolutely hate if I was to look like a Teletubby.

Sourced from Pinterest

I like the idea of dressing head-to-toe in just one colour. It feels like such a fun idea. When I think I am being a Risk Taker some mornings in doing the same, it unfortunately never goes further than falling back on my favourite cheat: wearing all black. Playing it safe, I tell myself. However, there has got to be more out there. More possibilities. Monochromatic outfits inspire a chic and polished look, which can be created simply by wearing clothes in the same colour. To make a convincing argument on how stylish this can look—possibly for my own sake—I have compiled some sources of inspiration.

1960s Fashion

Left: Credit to Fever Designs. Right: Mary Quant fashion in Terylene. Sourced from Pinterest.

One easy place to start: the 1960s. 60s fashion gave us mod style, shorter skirts, and hippy fashion. Monochromatic outfit inspo can come directly from the magazine shoots. Often, they will picture vibrant mini dresses paired with matching stockings. Personally? I'm hoping for funky coloured stockings to make a well-deserved comeback. Versace SS19: I have faith in you.

Left: Sourced from Vintage Dancer. Middle: Sourced from The Trendspotter. Right: Sourced from Harper's Bazaar.

Buying a pair of colour stockings (I'd hit eBay, department stores, or wherever you religiously buy your socks) can be an entry-level step into a monochromatic outfit. By simply adding a pair to a dress or skirt of the same colour, you've got a chic one-coloured look which only required two elements. 

Street Style

With an emphasis on personally curated style, Street Style is always a favourite go-to for outfit inspiration. Particularly, any looks from Fashion Weeks.

Sourced from Who What Wear

I am very much in love with this look from New York Fashion Week in 2018. Wearing a nude or neutral outfit (note that this is having a moment right now, very big on the spring 2019 runway!) is a less in-your-face approach to monochrome. Also, kudos to those same coloured shoes.

Left: Sourced from the Blessed Wardrobe Blog. Right: Image credit unknown, sourced from Pinterest.

Glancing at the duos pictured above, I am overcome by a millennial urge to shout ‘BFF GOALS’ at this sort of friendship, perhaps adding in a hashtag for good measure. As an identical twin, I have lived through the matching outfits phase that we all must bear. It is inevitable, really. However, I like this new concept of a switch from matching garments to matching themes, in this case being one single colour. I am appreciative of how the girl in red has paired contrasting fabrics together: softer on top with a heavier vinyl bottom.

Also, it can be noted that a less daunting tactic to monochromatic styling is to wear a co-ordinate set or a tailored suit. And if you’re feeling particularly daring, add a shirt of the same colour!

Additional mentions go to: Kendall Jenner's simple off-duty model look in grey, this powerful all red ensemble from Milan Fashion Week,  and a dreamy pale blue outfit from Viktoria Rader.

The Runway

And let's not forget: the runway!

Image Credit to Vogue Runway

Moschino's Fall 2018 Ready-To-Wear collection features quite a lot of co-ordinates that yell 'I was the First Lady in 1961.' A major takeaway is that matching accessories (in the above: gloves and shoes) adds a hint of fashionable professionalism.

Image Credit to Vogue Runway

Choosing garments of the same colour is a very suitable trend for fall or winter. With the freedom of layering or adding pieces, one-coloured outfits are very appropriate for the colder months. I love this red opening look from the Max Mara Fall 2017 Ready-To-Wear runway.


Pinterest is way more than a soccer mum's wet dream: here you will find lots and lots of monochromatic inspiration, since there are numerous boards dedicated to street style or runway fashion.

A very popular board highlighting this style is this one from user @souchi.

Hopefully, now I can put together an outfit of one colour without feeling like Tinky Winky. Perhaps I will do so tomorrow.

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Monochromatic Inspiration
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