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Lightweight Chiffon Top; Perfect for Those Hot Summer Days and Nights

Summer Nights Tie Top: Be Confident Boutique

Our lightweight chiffon top comes in two colors: orange and green. Price: $21.99 + Free Shipping 💕 

Hello Lovelies!

We’re back again, but this time with our super cute lightweight top.

In case you’re new to our profile, we’ll do a quick rundown about our boutique!

We’re an online boutique that is shaped around the mantra "Be Confident."

All of the collections that we carry on Be Confident Boutique  have been handpicked, so that we are able to bring you both affordable fashion and unique styles, all while being able to keep 10 percent of each purchase within Be Confident Boutique.

What does that mean exactly?

Well, let us elaborate!

Every time you purchase any item from us, 10 percent of your purchase is going to be kept within Be Confident Boutique in order to help fund: mini fashion shows, makeovers, wardrobe makeovers, and host fundraisers, so that we are able to donate 50 percent of profits to women and girls. All of this will go towards women and girls who are either currently undergoing hardships like: human trafficking, healing shelter for human trafficking, domestic violence, foster care, mental illness, homelessness, homeless shelters, and so much more, or those who have overcome any of these hardships. We feel that through fashion and beauty women and girls are able to express their styles and creativity, which in turn instills a level of confidence they either lost along the way or need help gaining more of!

We currently reside in Sacramento, CA. This is where we plan to begin helping women. Once we are able to expand and maintain a loyal customer base then we will spread out to other communities and cities and eventually states!

So hopefully that helped explain a little bit about who we are, what we’re doing, and what we’re going to be doing!

Summer Nights Tie Top: Orange- $21.99 + Free Shipping

Perfect for all seasons! 

Now the reason you’re really here… to learn more about this cute top!

We chose this top for our boutique because we felt that it’s perfect for honestly all occasions and seasons.

This lightweight chiffon top is perfect as a top by itself whether you want to wear your favorite bra or bralette, use it as swimsuit coverup, pair it perfectly with either shorts, a skirt, or your favorite pants, or even wear it on date night! The possibilities honestly are endless, so that is why we chose this top. 

Summer Nights Tie Top

Find it Here

It comes in both orange and green, which are the perfect colors for this year’s fashion trends.

If you didn’t know this year's fashion trends have been going towards neutral colors like these, as well as neon colors. These tops fit both of those categories, as both of the colors are bright, but subtle enough to not blind someone with the vibrant neon! 😉

It's all in the detail!

Tiny gold specs which give the top an elegant shimmer and shine! 

Now let’s talk detail!

Those tiny specs of gold you see are actually little gold stars that are in different sizes spread all over the top to give off a perfect shimmer and shine!

Front Knot Tie

Perfect front tie to fit your level of comfort!

The front of the top ties in a knot so it's perfect for comfort! You can tie it however you’d like and make it as tight or loose as you’d like.

Bottoms to Pair it With!

We paired both of the tops with a few different bottoms so you’re able to see the different ways you can style it for summer.

The orange top has been paired with white shorts and two different types of white skirts, and the green top has been paired with white shorts. These tops would best be paired with colors like: white, black, beige and honestly all neutral colors.

How to Pair This Top when it comes to color!

Pantone Colors for fashion!

If you aren’t too sure what colors would go best, take a look at Pantone colors, as they are the ones who set the whole direction in which fashion goes when it comes to color.

We hope to see you wearing our Summer Nights Tie Top.

To connect with us follow us on social: 

Instagram: @beconfidentboutique 

Facebook: @beconfidentboutique 

Pinterest: @beconfidentboutique 

Twitter: @shopbeconfident 

Website: Be Confident Boutique 

To be featured on our social media tag us in your photos using the hashtag: #beconfidentbabes or #confidentbabes

To collaborate with us, become an ambassador or simply support us email as at: [email protected]

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Lightweight Chiffon Top; Perfect for Those Hot Summer Days and Nights
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