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How to Shop for a Flattering Swimsuit

Every body type is different and finding the perfect swimsuit can be hard. Here are some tips to shop for a flattering swimsuit for your body type.

Shopping for a flattering swimsuit can be a challenge for every body shape. Flattering swimsuits are hard to find, because every body is different and every bathing suit is different, but they are a beach essential. Not only do bathing suits reveal a lot, but finding the perfect swimsuit to really show off our figure in an appealing way can feel like the most daunting thing in the world. Some of us don’t know what style makes sense for our body type. If you’re in the process of planning your summer trip and need a little help before heading to the mall, let this be your guide to shop for a flattering swimsuit. Find your body shape below and good luck swimsuit shopping!

Love Handles

Do you have love handles that seem to spill over every low riding bikini you find in the store? Well, that’s probably because you’re not choosing the perfect swimsuit for your body shape. If you have love handles, consider getting a high-waisted swimsuit to suck in those sides. Another good option is a high cut Brazilian style bottom that will hit you high up on your hips. This way, you won’t have a muffin top, but your butt will still look great!

Small Chest

To shop for a flattering swimsuit when you have a small chest, consider looking for tops that are embellished with ruffles or sequins. The perfect swimsuit for a small chest will have extra detail to add some volume up top. Also, flattering swimsuits for small chested women will include padding to make the chest look bigger. Every body can use a little emphasis, even in a swimsuit!

Big Chest

For women with big chests, make sure to shop for a suit that includes a little extra support up top. String bikinis are not going to work well for your body shape. On your summer trip, you’re going to need underwire, thick straps, and the perfect swimsuit to support your chest while in the water and on the beach. You want to feel comfortable, so keep your body shape in mind while swimsuit shopping this year.

Athletic Body

If you have an athletic body, it’s important to shop for a flattering swimsuit that has more of a girly feel to it. Pick out flowery prints that include skirts, frills, and other patterns, as opposed to straight cut bandeau's and boy shorts. Athletic body shapes with flat chests and little curves will give you little sex appeal, but with the perfect swimsuit, on your summer trip, you can feel sexy and feminine with a push up top and patterned bottom. You'll look great at the best beach honeymoon destinations!


If you are pregnant and still trying to hit the beach on your summer trip, don’t worry, you can still shop for a flattering swimsuit. Your body shape may be a little different these days, but they make the perfect swimsuits for pregnant women such as tankinis that are loose around the midsection and offer excellent sun protection for your baby bump. When swimsuit shopping, look for these maternity options to stay comfortable this year while taking care of your little one. Maybe you're scouting out the best family beach vacations to take your future kid!

No Curves

If you have no curves, thankfully, you don’t really have to worry about concealing anything. You are on the opposite side of things, and you are trying to accentuate as much as possible. Try to find a string bikini that will plump you up in all the right places. A push up top will be ideal for your body shape to give you a little extra enhancement in the chest. Also, a thong style bottom might show off your butt a little more. Anything you can do to show off the curves you do have will be helpful. Flaunt what you can or add embellishments and ruffles to add volume in the hips and bust areas.

Broad Shoulders

To shop for a flattering swimsuit when you have broad shoulders, consider a one piece with an asymmetrical neckline. This will draw people away from the broadness and symmetry of your shoulders and pull people’s eyes down. Also, a flattering swimsuit idea for broad shoulders is a plunging neckline design or anything that draws the eyes down and away from the shoulder line. Tube tops are a no go!


For an hourglass figure, shop for a swimsuit that is either a one piece, a high-waisted swimsuit, or has a high cut design. Your curves will really pop when the suit hugs you right at your hips instead of below them. On your summer trip this year, you want everyone to see your hourglass in a flattering light, not to just see love handles. Make sure you have the perfect swimsuit that hits you in the right spots to show off your banging body shape.

Tummy Concealing

If you’re trying to conceal your tummy, there are many one piece and high waisted swimsuits out there that are thankfully made just for this purpose! The most flattering swimsuits are designed with extra strength material in the tummy section so they can suck in the midsection and keep every body looking good on the beach. No one wants to feel insecure on their summer trip while they’re trying to relax, so if your tummy is your problem area, shop for a suit that conceals this area.

Cover Ups

When you shop for a flattering swimsuit, you will also want to look for a cover up to accompany the perfect swimsuit. Cover ups are super fashionable and some can be worn in public, on the beach, or anywhere in between. When choosing the perfect cover up, consider getting something that is loose enough and long enough to fully cover you as you walk over to the water from your hotel. Also, make sure it’s breathable. No swimsuit is complete without a flattering coverup to complete the look!

Have you identified your body shape from our list above? Now it’s time to go swimsuit shopping and plan your summer trip! Looking great could not be any easier with these tips, so let go of the stress, and have some fun with it.

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