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Forget #CAMP of the Met Gala...

... Look at the #BlackExcellence of the Wearable Art Gala for 2019!

Tina Knowles as a woman, as a black woman, as a mother, as a black mother, and as a business tycoon is all #GOALS.

While we are all tripping over ourselves with a moderately disappointing MetGala Ball hosted by Anna Wintour each year, other gala's of fashion are worth the attention, too. 

What you may or may not know is that Tina Knowles, Beyonce's entrepreneurial and fabulous mother, has a gala herself that, in its third annual event, truly served up some supreme LEWKS this year! 

Design Your Own Wearable Art In the theme of Disney's The Lion King: A Journey to the Pride Lands

For this year's theme, to which EVERYONE OBLIGED BY, was to pay homage to Disney's latest unnecessary remake of the classic, The Lion King, which stars Beyonce as the voice of Nala. And she explains the theme in a clear and transparent way.  

NNNNAAAAAAAHHHH Sylvania, Bababa bee, she boo baaah!

Beyonce Knowles is the Pride of all us Black Girls.

"Wearable art is a unique intersection of fashion and self-expressive creation that implements a unique theme. As a designer, I am constantly inspired by themes I discover from paintings, sculpture, photography, nature, Nand films such as 'THE LION KING.' My hope is that you, our Gala patrons, will truly challenge your imagination and create your own original fashions based on the themes of 'THE LION KING.' Think of the beautiful animals, the vivid landscapes and spectacular sunsets of Africa. We encourage you to be inventive with your wearable art attire, and have fun—there are no limits! This is a momentous time when black art and fashion are challenging societal norms, transforming the world of music and entertainment, and truly being appreciated on a global scale. Let our achievements be reflected in our wearable art." –Tina Knowles Lawson

From this fun and festive event, many of those close to the Knowles-Lawson-Carter clan showed up, and showed out as they adhered beautifully to the theme, and overall delivered high safari fashion. 

And since the MetGala tends to involve an overwhelming amount of celebrities with many questionable fashion decisions, something like the Wearable Art Gala is on a much smaller scale, and I will be providing my own critiques of each look on a scale of one to five (one being "not so great" to five meaning, "nailed it."

The Hosts 5/5.

Tina Knowles Lawson and her supportive husband and partner, Richard Lawson.

When you do some research, and go back to look at the first Wearable Art Gala in 2017, no one's look from the event was on par. What I wonder about the event is who is in charge of photography alone, because instead of what should look like a multi-million dollar event, ended up looking like a Bossip function. 

This year, however, they have gotten into the swing of things, and this theme has elevated the hosts to a height of sophistication on all elite levels. Tina is giving me Maleficent black bird vibes, and of course, Richard is serving what looks to be an African tribal leader. The best part is his shoes. He could totally go grilling after this. Save me a plate!


Kelendria Rowland

I admire the fresh take on it! Usually, for a gala, you expect to see a bunch of feathers and gowns, but Kelly found a way to modernize her look, while still staying in theme. The delicate touches of the deconstructed look in the sleeves, and the main bodice is great, and the subtle, but on-theme print of leaves are an awesome touch. The only reason it's not a full five is that I'm not entirely sure about what is happening in terms of the lower portion of the outfit. The garter-like, boot-like, but then sandal-heel decision of the outfit gives me pause. 


Michelle Williams

We always clown on Michelle, but she DID THIS. The dramatic black gown is a showstopper. And even though there's not an overt connection to The Lion King, you still feel the wild aspects in this look. If anything, her look is the personification of Scar. Big mood, big villain. Good job, girl! Nailed it!


Tyler Perry

TP looks like the humble spiritual advisor to Richard Lawson. Zazu to Mufasa. The look isn't bad, it's just not imaginative. It looks as if really there's a coat in theme, but underneath Tyler is just rockin' a button down and slacks. The coat also looks oddly made. Was this even tailored to his body? Why is he holding himself like that? This is some basic Zazu lookin' mess. Overall, meh. I really want to give him a 1/5...


Tiffany Haddish

Eventually, Tiffany will learn, and until then, I'm not gonna lay off the gas until she learns to live up to her best potential. This look doesn't do much for her figure at alllllll. Besides the red feather, grass-looking corset, I'm not sure where in Africa this look is inspired from, or really, what about this says Lion King? And then there's this hat, that's not a hat...? And then the super heavy fur bottom... It's a no for me, dawg. 


Daniel Kaluuya

Usually men's fashion at any formal black tie event is a bit on the yawn side, but this is an A for effort. The label for the suit jacket is lovely, but I'm not sure his bowtie choice was the best. He is prince-ly however, and reminds me just a touch of Prince Akeem from Coming to America (Isn't there supposed to be a sequel in the works?)


Holly Robinson Peete

She was so close. This outfit isn't bad, but I cannot help but be reminded of the sheer curtains that my mom has from Anna's Linens. The two awkwardly long pieces aren't enhancing the look, and if anything, it's weighing the look down. Maybe if she had committed them to be a full cape around her? But the jumpsuit looks soooo good. Hair and make up, yes, yes. But these two Dumbo ears does not a Lion King look make. 

She: 3/5 He: 1/5 = 2/5-ish

Steve Harvey and Marjorie Elaine Harvey

Uncle Steve. Sir. We know you've been going THRU IT. For some reason he's had to quit or cancel his money bag in several productions, and there hasn't been word as to why. But as a man that prides himself in looking good, especially in a suit... what the Rorschach are these pants? And then the man ain't got no tie on—and hot ass loafers? Nah. This ain't it. SHE, on the other hand, I like-ish, even though she's a snow leopard... and they're not in Africa. The length of her fringe is a little off, her shoes don't really tie in with the look, just with her standing next to him... it's all kinda not working for me. 


Marsai Martin

So, I wish I could have given her a 4/5. She is coming into herself as a young black woman, who by the way was the youngest executive producer in Hollywood for her film Little, and this look isn't bad. It's very cute, but not in theme. She has a little feather in her hair that I'm guessing is supposed to tie in some sort of animal touch? 


Star Jones

Wrong movie, Star. If this was for Aladdin, she'd be a 4/5 for SURE. I'm happy Star Jones is out and about, though. She looks good. But this genie needs to go back to bed. 


Chloe x Halle

Yes. Yes. YES. Chloe x Halle do not disappoint. I don't think they ever have. I don't think they ever will. 

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