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"Forever Tomboy"

Women love their sneakers too!

Limited Edition Patrick Ewing's

This whole idea started with looking down. While most ideas start with looking up for answers. Go figure! Traveling from coast to coast and at-a-glance catching every sneaker I could see from mesh fitness shoes to one of kind limited editions walking around. I noticed one simple thing. All the women's sneakers that I saw were so "plain Jane." While all the men's shoes seemed to have all the creativity, color, and eye-catching style in the world. Don't be mistaken there are a few women's sneakers that I have seen that are to drool over, of course, they cost about as much as a mortgage on a small country, but yet it still pales in comparison to the choices that men have to express their individuality through footwear.  It's 2019 and women are so far evolved pass "plain Jane" status! (Thank heavens!) 

While noticing this "trend," if you would call it that, I began to research "lady sneakerheads." I found some who are very much sneaker fanatics, but none in the US, or at least that are to be seen! I just have this feeling that there are way more women who are out there wishing there was more of a choice for women's sneakers rather than having to purchase men's sneakers because they are the only things readily available on the market today.

How are we able to have cat toys and toilet paper delivered to our door? Yet the "drab" of ladies sneakers available in comparison to the "overly obsessive" selection of men sneakers available is very one-sided.

Women always like "cute" detailed footwear, and it's not always about heels! Sneakers are a staple in any person's closet women included. Comfort, style, details, details, and details. I really wonder how this has gone passed up or overlooked until now! From the "forever tomboy" to the "girliest girl," a nice comfortable, cute, stylish sneaker is a necessity in the wardrobe. I don't think there is a woman alive who will work out in 12-inch stilettos, or how about at the family cookout at the local picnic/bbq area where there is sure to be loads of grass!! Having a limited edition (made for women) sneaker in their closet has got to be one of the "must haves" in 2019. 

I am really aiming towards starting a "lady/women sneakerhead movement" because I myself love a pair of great looking comfortable sneakers to wear on any given day. I am the "forever tomboy." I currently have an online shop, called LYT Factory. Where I design shoes, clothes, and limited accessories for men and women! But after, this idea has struck me! I am now in search of greener sneaker pastures! (LOL.) Where I want to take the direction of my shop to craft exceptional, quality, detail oriented, and limited edition ladies sneakers! I have been researching on how to bring this idea to life! I want to create a culture of "lady sneakerheads" because in 2019 we all know that representation matters big time! I plan to represent! Just like with everything else somebody has to speak up and fill the need for proper representation! Women inspire us all why shouldn't we be inspired by our sneakers to express ourselves outside of the non-traditional "ladies" look! As I continue to explore I am sure that I have looked down and found a lifestyle area that needs a voice!! I can only hope that I can give it the voice it needs to convey a message of proper representation in the sneaker "sneakerhead" community!

I hope you have enjoyed my thoughts and idea written out for everyone to see! Thank you so much for lending me your cellphone or electronic device to hear me out!! Until the next update! I will do my best to keep updating my progress on this journey!