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Five 90s Trends That Are Totally Coming Back

And Why You Should Be Rocking Them!

It's 2019 and yet the 90s are alive again in fashion trends. From the scrunchies to the cargo pants all things 90s fashion are suddenly cool again, but what exactly are the top trends from the decade of grunge that are back?

1. Chokers

Chokers are one of the top trending pieces of jewelry right now and are being sold in just about every store in the US that offers fashion accessories. Remember those stretchy spiral chokers? They are off the charts right now and Instagram feeds everywhere are showing them off and you should too, cause who doesn't want to be an Insta baddie right?

2. Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are all the rave right now for that grunge feel straight out of the 90s. Warm, stylish and matches just about everything, so why not? Stores like Dolls Skill, Forever 21, Fashion Nova, and Boo Hoo have all jumped on the wagon and offer an array of colors and styles to feed your 90s obsession. 

3. Crop Tops

Remember when the Spice Girls, Christina Aguilera, and TLC all wore those in their music videos then every girl went and bought one? Guess what they're back! So, if you missed your chance in the 90s, now is the time to pull them out and rock them. Oh and look it's almost summer! Target brought out the Wild Fable collection and wow do they have some good ones! From Mario Kart to No Doubt crop tops, they have it all! 

4. Cargo Pants

When I saw Gwen Stefani rock these at the MTV Awards many years ago I knew these would just be in style forever. They died out for along time and to no surprise they are now back and trendier than ever! Baggy but tight in all the right places, chains, cuffed bottoms, and colors to die for; buy them now! You will thank me later. 

5. Band Tees

The band tee's have always been trendy and have been around forever, but just recently they have become a wardrobe necessity. From ripped to acid washed they are all a must have. Oh, and the more vintage the better! A vintage tee with your favorite band is always more trendy than a knockoff from a high retail fashion store. There are so many places to get vintage band tees from, but I recommend Etsy marketplace due to quality. If you are on a budget thrifting is a great option and you never know what you will find. So get to shopping and let's pull out those Nirvana tops! Oh and don't forget to crop it! 

Embrace Your 90s!

With so many trends going in out nowadays you never know what will be in style. But hey the 90s are back so, let's rock the style and show off our 90s bad babe selves. Besides you never know, you may discover something you like! What do you have to lose?

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Five 90s Trends That Are Totally Coming Back
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