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Fashion Trends That Will Be Out of Style in 2019

Every year, fashions roll in... and out. If you've already got (some of) your budget together to get in on some of next year's looks, first toss out what you don't need to have hanging up in your closet by taking note of some of the fashion trends that will be out of style in 2019.

Easy come, easy go. While we’re not sure exactly where that phrase came from, we wouldn’t be shocked if it didn’t come out of the fashion world. It seems like as soon as something is “hot,” in a matter of just a few months it’s… not.

Even though we’ve still got several months before the ball drops on another year (2019—can you believe it?!), if you’re the top fashionista of your crew, you’re probably already wondering what next year’s looks will have in store. If you’re curious about the fashion trends that will be out of style in 2019, here are a few (along with fashion items that will be all the rage next year).

Light Blue Jeans

All of those light blue jeans that you purchased to make you look a little curvier? We’re not saying that you need to toss all of ‘em, but there’s no need for more than a pair or two. In 2019, as far as denim fashion trends go, opt for a pair of decorated jeans instead.

What’s cool about this particular trend is you don’t have to spend your entire paycheck to make this look happen. There are actually plenty of DIY ideas that you can try. Shoot, you can even repurpose a pair of those light jeans that you have by putting a patch or two on them if you’d like.

(BTW, don’t forget to invest in an extra pair of dark blue jeans. They’re slimming, professional, and you can dress them up or down.)


Lavender is a beautiful color. It’s soft. It’s feminine. We really like that it’s a symbol of grace and elegance. Plus, if you’re looking for an essential oil that will keep you calm, cool and collected, it tops our list. But while it’s one of the most popular hues this year, come next year it will be a thing of the past.

Does that mean there won’t be a lot of pastels on the 2019 runways? Sure there will be! If you want to look fashion-forward, look into a little powder blue. A powder blue skirt. A powder blue business suit. Even a powder blue pair of shoes. Just not a pair of blue jeans in that color. (Refer once more to the fashion trends tip above this for why.)

Super High Heels

They say that sometimes it hurts to be beautiful. Just ask all of the women who rock shoes that have more than a 4” heel. If you’re one of them, you probably don’t want to hear about the physical reasons why you shouldn't wear high heels all of the time, but we’d feel bad if we didn’t at least put it on record.

High heels have the ability to put stress on your ankles, cause ingrown toenails, and put a lot of pressure on your lower back. That’s why you really should wear them in moderation. That’s also why we’re happy to report that a 2019 trend is eccentric heels.

What’s that? Basically crazy-looking heels and wedges. The crazier the better, in fact. If you have had fitting problems with heels, knowing how to buy high heels for wide feet could solve all your issues.

(Thrift store shopping, anyone?)


Some fashion trends? We're not sure how we feel about them.

Take tutus, for example. When we were out getting them for our toddler daughter or school-age niece, they were adorable. But the more they started to make their way into adult fashion, we found ourselves having mixed reviews.

On one hand, for weddings and formal events, sometimes they were appealing and appropriate. But it’s almost like we started to see them everywhere and that was a bit of overkill.

Luckily, it’s looking like this is one of those fashion trends that will be more like a flash in the pan because in 2019 it will be out with the tulle and in with the ruffles; especially ruffle skirts—and we’re all about it!

Bomber Jackets

Another one of those fashion trends that will be out of style next year is bomber jackets. Honestly, this is one of those fashion items that doesn’t make a big impact one way or another, so if you want to keep yours and do a bit of layering, feel free.

But, if you are a huge self-professed fashion maven and you’re just dying to know what’s next in fall and winter outwear, what will be making a big impression in 2019 are capes and parkas.

Since they are such a big upcoming fashion trend, you should be able to find them pretty easily. But if you’re wondering where you can get them for cheap, try going to a Goodwill or searching through your grandma’s attic. There’s a good chance at least one will be hanging out in one (or both) of those places.


For the past couple of years, it seems like we’ve seen PLENTY of cut-out clothing. Whether it was a crop top or a blouse with no shoulders, skin was showing.

In 2019, you’re gonna see a lot less of this kind of look and it’s kind of ironic what will be replacing it—shoulder pads. (We know, right?)

If you haven’t even thought of a shoulder pad since you either wore 80s fashion or you watched a movie that had plenty of it in it, this is a friendly reminder that when it comes to fashion, nothing ever truly goes out of style.  

Eventually, things make their way back around again which means that your cut-out dress? If you hold onto it long enough, it might just be a popular fashion trend again. Someday. Fashion always make a statement sooner or later, after all.

Transparent Purses

Another flash in the pan trend that we’re willing to say goodbye to is the whole clear purse thing. Maybe it’s just us, but it seems more like a toy than a true fashion staple. So yeah, if you’re totally in love with yours and you basically take it everywhere that you go, here’s a friendly reminder that it does have a bit of a fashion expiration date on it.

What will take its place? There are a few 2019 purse trends to look out for, but one that will make you the envy of your friends is a western-style bag. Suede. Fringe. That kind of thing.

What’s awesome about this kind of purse is you can make it work with so many different looks—and seasons. Make sure to get one sooner than later, OK?

Button Earrings

Pardon the pun, but this year’s button earrings look really was “cute as a button.” They were so dainty and precious that we kind of hate to see them go.

If you happened to find a pair that were vintage pieces or you had some custom-made, hold onto them; even wear them every once in a while. But if you’re in the process of looking for some new items to add to your jewelry box, in 2019, the “wilder” the earrings the better!

Look for ones that are big, mismatched and are made out of a funky texture because next year, earrings are meant to make a major fashion statement. If you're afraid of getting your ears pierced, don't worry, there are clip-on earrings that slay

Gone are the days of having modest ears. Now it’s about making them stand out in a really big way!

Faux Fur

If PETA had its way, faux fur would NEVER go out of style. To tell you the truth, it probably never will. But once 2019 arrives and people are looking for ways to stay warm during the chilly winter months, you probably won’t see an abundance of faux fur coats. What will be replacing them is outwear that’s made out of sheepskin.

Typically, these kinds of coats look like a regular leather jacket with some shearling trim (think of a traditional aviator jacket). They're perfect if you’re looking for a casual wear coat that you can wear for years and years to come.

It’s one of those fashion trends that’s clean, classic, and perfect for both men and women—if sheepskin is your type of thing.

Trench Coats

We couldn’t do a post on fashion trends that will be out of style in 2019 and not discuss business wear.

In 2018, a nice trench coat was the perfect look for cool rainy days. It’s professional with a touch of sexy and that’s what we like about it.

In 2019, you won’t be seeing those quite so much. Instead, be on the lookout for two-piece suits; preferably tailored.

If there’s one thing that trench coats and two-piece suits have in common is a well-fitted outfit, whether it be on a man or a woman, is something that is super-alluring. It also sends the message that your time is important and you’ve come to do business.

It's definitely the kind of fashion investment every business person should make before 2019 hits!

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