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Fashion Tips That Will Make You Look Younger

Are you worried that you're starting to look your age? Follow these fashion tips that will make you look younger!

Are you feeling old and tired? Maybe you see an old lady when you look in the mirror? Then it's time for a change. You're ready, you've got the drive, and you can take on the project of getting your youthful groove back! Get ready to shake things up by using these fashion tips that will make you look younger!  

It's important to remember that your fashion choices can actually make you look older. You may be choosing clothing and accessories that are aging you prematurely. Not to worry, however, this is easy to change. You don't have to worry about looking like you're trying too hard. You just need to give yourself a chance to shine!

So get rid of those mom jeans and read on for some great ideas to freshen your look, give yourself a youthful appearance, and face your life with energy and vitality!

Work those legs!

Fashion and beauty experts all note that the "legs are the last to go." We all age, but especially if we exercise, we can keep rocking a pair of fabulous stems that will wow and continue to impress. So don't be afraid to show some leg!

For work, consider slit skirts, or above-the-knee styles that make you look younger by drawing the eye to your great legs. 

Consider fun sneakers to go with your short skirt!

Maybe the top sneaker trends of 2018 will give you some ideas! Whether you go with sensible but cute and girly flats or sexy high heels, showing off your legs will help you feel fun, flirty, and sexy while making you feel young. 

Try this fun and flirty skirt to show off your legs!

Jennifer Lopez knows this trick and loves Versace slit and wrap skirts like this one.

Keep your makeup and accessories neutral and natural.

Another of our fashion tips to make you look younger is an example of "less is more."

Both heavy makeup and too much jewelry are dead giveaways of your age, and of trying too hard. The modern style is more minimal and more simple, and makeup trends are for natural colors and neutral tones. If you're not sure what will look good on you, go to your local makeup counter and get some advice! You can also check out some 10 basic makeup products for beginners.

When you are choosing what jewelry to wear, pick simple pieces and fewer of them. This is a key to looking younger and more carefree.

Just like you threw away the mom jeans, get rid of the messy jewelry, heavy eyeliner, and eyeshadow and rediscover corals, nudes, and light pink blush and lip color.

A simple scarf and natural tones create a fresh look.

It doesn't take much to dress up a look. Soft coral or pink lipstick and a colorful, or patterned scarf will take your appearance from old lady to fun young thing!

Add some color to your wardrobe.

Let's face it, we're all a fan of black. Especially as time passes, it grows easier and easier to go for black or neutral tones when we go shopping. You can add pop and youthfulness to any outfit, however, by adding a pop of color!

You don't have to go all out; rather you can add a colorful jacket, scarf, or bag to your neutral or black outfit.  

Try a few different colors to see what brings out the beauty of your skin tone!

You can even pick your color and wardrobe piece to help in drawing the eye to the parts of your body that you're most proud of. Have a great chest? Try a colorful top! Rocking your legs? Try a colorful miniskirt! 

This is a chance to have fun and be playful and youthful using fashion tips that will make you look younger.

Invest in a good bra.

We all have a tendency to pick bras that are comfortable and wear them forever. But one way to really ramp up any outfit without looking like you're trying too hard is to focus on the foundations—and a good bra.

A good bra will lift and support your girls, helping streamline your shape and giving youthful bounce to your assets. 

To find the right bra for you, there is no substitute for going to a lingerie store and being fitted by a professional. Women are trained in fitting clothing like bras, and they can be a real help in finding the right fit for you.

If you just can't imagine a strange lady in the fitting room with you, check out this fitting guide from Victoria's secret. If you have big boobs, make sure you get a get supportive bra.

Check out what shapewear can do for you.

And speaking of underthings.... it's time to consider shapewear. Underwear that can lift, tone, smooth, and hold things together has come a long way since your grandma's girdle. 

Does this look familiar?

The new wave of shapewear is effective, but breathable and sweat-wicking. New brands like Spanx and standbys like Bali and Maidenform have products that will help you lift and tuck without ever having to visit a plastic surgeon.  

Top Model Skirt Shaper by Simone Perele

Experts, for example, love this skirt shaper from French lingerie brand Simone Perele.

If you use these fashion tips that will make you look younger, you will love the result you see in the mirror each morning.

Throw away the bright blue eyeliner and bright pink lipstick. Put the chunky and messy jewelry in a drawer. And for the love of God, get rid of the mom jeans!

Clean up your makeup and jewelry, invest in some new underclothing, and try a pop of color with your basic black. Show off your legs or any other part of your body that you want to draw attention to, and let your beauty shine.

Then step back and let the glow of your natural beauty help you feel younger, more energetic, and more ready to face the world! 

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Fashion Tips That Will Make You Look Younger
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