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Fashion Influencers to Watch in 2018

Want to be completely up-to-date and in the know? Then these are the fashion influencers to watch in 2018!

If you love fashion, then you know the power and appeal of fashion influencers. Following Courtnee Crews on Instagram will help you figure out how to make inexpensive pieces look expensive, and keeping an eye on Gabi Gregg will pump up your body positivity. All in all, these are some of the fashion influencers to watch in 2018!

Let's start with Gabi Gregg. She's a plus size, body-positive fashion influencer to watch who is known to her beloved followers as GabiFresh. She loves neutrals as well as animal prints and always brings it!

Gabi Gregg

Let's start with Gabi Gregg. She's a plus size, body-positive fashion influencer to watch who is known to her beloved followers as GabiFresh. She loves neutrals as well as animal prints and always brings it!

Gabi is all about finding the things that work for your body! She's also one of the most inspirational influencers to follow on Instagram.

Leyna Bloom

Keep an eye on Leyna Bloom! As a fashion influencer and transgender activist, Leyna is a social media pro who rocks everything bright, colorful and GLAM. The American model is a bombshell with a passion for social justice.

Whether she’s walking the runway at one of the big fashion weeks or hitting a magazine cover, we can count on Leyna to show us how to amp up our style and go big, all while being true to ourselves!

Sabina Socol

Sabina Socol isn’t just a trend-setter and fashion influencer to watch for her looks, she’s also a columnist for WhoWhatWear.

She’s got the Parisian look down cold and draws a lot of comparisons to a young Brigitte Bardot, the sexy-hot French fashion model who stole hearts and made people hold their breath in the 1960s.

Socol’s look is effortless, while stylish and can teach us all a thing or two about making simple garments look fabulous, elegant and chic.

Sabina's also on Twitter! Check out Sabina’s hairstyles and makeup, and practice that coy and lovely smile in the mirror!

Chiara Ferragni

Are you loving the European look? Then it’s worth your time to also follow Italian model, designer, and kick-ass businesswoman Chiara Ferragni. If you do, you’ll be front row for the latest in what’s on-trend on the runways and in the streets.

Chiara is a significant fashion influencer who works with many in the fashion industry through her blog, The Blonde Salad. This makes her a fashion influencer to watch!

Read her blog to discover the latest from fashion weeks, check out Ferragni's own designs and shop for the latest looks and unique styles. 

Alessandra Steinherr

Is Steinherr a fashion influencer to watch or a fashion editor to follow? The answer is both.

Steinherr has nearly two decades of work developing and choosing magazine covers and seeking out the latest and most unique styles.

She also, however, has nearly 200,000 Instagram followers. This places her firmly in both camps.

She’s not completely unique, as many fashion editors have worked to become social media pros, using their hobby on Insta or Tumblr and turning it into a full-blown side-hustle.

Steinherr, for her part, loves the opportunity to connect with people and have an outlet to showcase fashion that she loves but doesn’t necessarily feel belongs in a magazine. This has gained her a big following, but she doesn’t want it to overshadow her reputation as an expert, a person who really understands fashion professionally.

Ami and Aya Suzuki

Want some truly unique style? Then how about checking out twin sister Ami and Aya from Tokyo? The twin sister models are also DJs who show their amazing flair and street style on Instagram.

Ami and Aya have walked the runway for both Dolce and Gabbana and Valentino, but also have their own fashion line Jouetie, where you can catch their look and buy it for yourself!

Ami and her twin sister Aya embrace the “twin look” and post delicious photos together. Ami and Aya rock bright colors, amazing patterns and aren't afraid of a great wig.

Check out their work and their snaps for great ideas about makeup and cosmetics as well! 

Tess Holliday

In 2013, Tess Holliday started a whole body-positive movement by kicking off the hashtag #effyourbeautystandards, which gained her fame, acclaim, and an eventual magazine cover for People.

Holliday is all about you feeling like you, everyone finding their unique style, and no one being ashamed. She’s a champion and a hero to many, and also a significant fashion influencer to watch in 2018.

Time magazine has named her one of the world’s most influential people, and she works with great brands like Curvy Couture. She walked the runway for Curvy in December and now has her own empowering fashion line, Mblm by Tess Holliday.

With her tattoos, edgy looks and lack of apology for who she is, she's definitely someone to watch! By far one of the fat Instagrammers you should be following.

Reese Blutstein

Blutstein is an up-and-coming fashion influencer that’s fast becoming known for her androgynous, unique style that has spoken to designers like Calvin Klein and Tory Burch.

Blutstein’s Insta account, @double3xposure, has blown up in the past year, and she’s sharing the spotlight and the success with her twin sister Molly Blutstein, who just recently joined Instagram to detail her unique look.

With her boyish figure, clean-faced cosmetic look and boxy outfits, she’s a natural for the “artsy” look (she’s an art student) and prefers to think of herself as a “style” blogger.

Fashion Editors and insiders think that 2018 could be a really big year for this young new fashion influencer and tell us all to keep an eye on her, (and her sister!)

Sinead Crowe

Sinead is a young, up and coming fashion influencer to watch from the UK who brings a unique festival style.

A self-confessed lover of jeans, Sinead is looking like the go-to with her blog post history on carefree easy trends and fashion.

We love her boho/hippie chic! Fashion makes a statement and she knows it. 

Anwar Hadid

That's right! Boys can do this too! And who better than the lovely Anwar Hadid, brother of top models Gigi and Bella Hadid.

Anwar is building a real name for himself in posting edgy street style pics and design ideas, often centering around London. 

For the young, hot urban vibe, he's a fashion influencer to watch! 

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