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Fashion Illustration Art

For Those that Just like the Art!

Ad art

For some of us it is about design and flowing but, then it isn't.

A lot of us quit before we can get started. First and foremost you have to have the desire to want to do it. If you want it bad enough it will happen! But, it's really easy to get rattled. Fashion illustration has and always will be linked to fashion design. There is an awfully big scope to this industry and it can be terrifying!

Fashion Sketch Tutorials

Fashion illustration class notes

A good way to learn or get over the fear of it can be tutorials on fashion sketching. The majority of them are free you just have to do a little research. But, they can be quite helpful and not have to spend a lot of money! 

It is very easy to get discouraged when you are sketching and you see someone else's and they seem to be way better than yours. Don't freak out and stop drawing. On the contrary! Keep going! You'll be fine. You will never get better if you stop. Pretty soon, those drawings you used to be jealous of will be yours! Hey, those other people didn't just get blessed with talent, they kept drawing. The more you draw the better it gets! I'm not saying that you shouldn't go to fashion design school but, let's face it, if you're too poor to go, this is a cool alternative. After all, you still have to do the work to succeed, ok?


When you are illustrating you have your imagination, of course, if you're designing you are using what is in your head. Try to think outside the box. Having that pencil or tool in your hand is like a wand. You are in control. Don't worry that it might look stupid. It's your creation so stupid shouldn't even be in your vocabulary! Quite different though, if you're drawing from a picture.


There are choices you have when it comes to the Fashion industry. Some people can be a fabulous artist but know nothing about how to sew, let alone, how to design a garment. But yet, can sketch beautiful fashion illustrations. Found one of these excellent illustrators on YouTube! Check her out! She covers a lot of material and gives detail about stuff that they may not always tell you in class because of the volume of students. She, like, really holds your hand through all of her videos so, pay attention. That's another thing. If you miss something you can always go back to the video again as many times as you need! Oh! She is also a wonderful designer too! I really learned a lot from her. She makes you feel good about yourself.


Don't worry about banana hands.

Okay, I gotcha! Yeah, hands can be daunting. But, just like everything else you've got to learn to ride that bike sooner or later. Everybody's fashion hands look like banana hands at first. Hey, there are professional sketches that have them! It's the way you compensate for it that counts. You'll learn that there's ways around that too, so no worries! :-)

My Banana Hands

Mistakes are optional

See, this is a copy of an illustration I used to practice technique complete with my banana hands. Believe me it gets better if you keep doing it. So don't give up. You should have seen what they looked like the first time and always remember, they do not have to be perfect. It's still a sketch so chill. :-)


From the fashion aspect of things, look at as many fashion magazines as possible. Trends, outrageous as possible sometimes. Get used to looking at hemlines, bodies, legs, shoes, boots, you name it! Watch fashion shows. Go to them if you are lucky enough to be able to attend one near by or watch videos of them online. Just make sure they are current. Pay close attention to details and who's designs they are. Look up the designers and find out about what got them started, what their ideas are. Immerse yourself in the culture, trust me, it helps.


Pay attention to shoes, hats, the way they are paired, everything!


Essential traits and elements 

Designers have an agenda as do illustrators. They are creating the next trend, the next big thing, if you will. Pay attention to each designer's style. Even if it looks derivative to you. Look again! It wouldn't be out there if it wasn't unique. Be careful not to be judgmental because you are just observing. This is the way you develop a keen eye. Put yourself in it! Fashion is a lot different now as it was in our parents day, am I right?


There is a future in the full figured market!

Models don't always have to be thin anymore. The market and trend suggests that fashion can cater quite well to the full figured beauty as well! As a matter of fact, it's been out there for a long time.

In fact, the full figure market has done wonders for the industry as far as textiles and patterns. It's a more open market these days so dip your toe in it and see how it feels. Don't be intimidated!

Give it a go! :-)

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