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Fashion & Fitness

When the Two Collide

Fashion and fitness—two things that are most dear to me outside of my family and friends. It’s important to understand that both have played a major role in our society, especially from the mid to late 80s to even now. Bodybuilders work in their cut sweatshirts, a way to get the best of both worlds, to sweat it out while still being cool and fashionable. The short ranger pantie style shorts show off their aesthetically built legs, paired with long old school double ribboned high socks which were the most important accessory on your feet. The most common workout sneakers were the bike track sneakers and the high top converses. 

Fashion and fitness has evolved into so much more, just like everything else in this society. Some of our top name brands like Nike and Adidas have become Meccas of the fashion and fitness world. They have adopted many of the old school styles and recycled them into something new and beautiful with a breath of fresh air. Nevertheless, together these two genres of life have taken the world by storm. Social media is on an overdrive with the amount of daily posts about fashionable fitness outfits. But if we look at it closely, fashion and fitness are like night and day; they are both so different in their own ways but one cannot exist without another. That’s because when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you look even better. It goes hand in hand without saying. We people have many insecurities and we try to hide them in many different ways. Some hide behind makeup, some uses their sexuality, some just fake a pretty smile, while many uses fashion and fitness as a hideaway. 

But honestly speaking, these two fields of life have done more than just hide insecurities. Many people use these outlets as tools of self improvement. People are busting their asses seven days a week to look like the next top models. For generations, women have been looked at as sexual objects which hasn’t changed a bit even until this day. Women have been altering their bodies and their images from head to toe to keep up with the next generation of “bad bitches” or just because they aren’t able to fully feel comfortable in their own skin. However nowadays, more women are getting into fitness for reasons that go way beyond physical achievements. It’s not just about fitting in that little red dress—it’s about feeling good on the inside. It’s about bringing out the “Queen” that already exists within each and every beautiful woman. We applaud all you Queens. 

But let’s not forget about our Kings! Men have also been going through many alterations to fit the standards of this new world with fashion and fitness. Before, it was enough to be just a clean shaven man with a good job, and be the provider and protector like a good potential husband. Now, homeboy better have all the above with a great pack of abs and be a good dresser. No matter how good or bad, similar yet different, one thing is for sure—fitness and fashion is something that will never go out of style. These two come hand-in-hand like a marriage. And they will carry on through eternity regardless of the changes time brings their way.  

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Fashion & Fitness
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