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Express Your Inner Feminist Through Fashion

"I don’t do fashion. I am fashion."—Coco Chanel

Fashion is something that most feminists probably dread the most. We all think that fashion was invented to distract women from focusing on some more serious things, but that is simply not true. There is no reason for you to dress poorly if you’re a feminist. Nobody is stopping you from looking fabulous. However, if you really want to devote your style to feminism, then you should take a look at these tips.

Feminist Fashion Through History

Since fashion exists since the dawn of time, it is no surprise that feminist fashion started early, as well. In the 1800s the craze for pantaloons started. Women were fed up with wearing corsets and gowns, and decided to switch things around, and start wearing pants. In the 1900s, as suffragettes flooded the streets of London and New York, they were wearing specific colors, which were the trend back then. Purple and green were the colors they were known for and they depicted purity and hope.

Later in the 20s, the bobby hairstyle was really popular, and every feminist wore it. In the 30s, women started wearing two-piece suits, by Chanel. In the 50s women started wearing dresses with padded shoulders, which also accentuated their silhouette. While in the 60s the feminist fashion was all about mini skirts. Later, in the 70s women proclaimed zippers a nightmare, and started wearing double-folded dresses that were held together with a simple sash.

In the 80s, as women started getting more rights, they started wearing power suits. These ranged from skirts and blazers to pantsuits, and they have really made an impact in the feminist fashion. Which leads us to today, and all the crazy and less crazy trends in all the fields of fashion, but let’s see some of the feminist fashion trends. 

The Natural Look

Many feminists will agree that they prefer the natural look the most. It consists of little or no makeup, simple shirts, pants, sweaters, and skirts. Mostly, such looks are comfortable, or they resemble some of the most influential women of history. For example, you can see women wearing long skirts, with plain shirts, with their hair tied up in a bun, and with bushy eyebrows; an homage to Frida Kahlo.


Since women didn’t like how fashion determined your gender back in the day, they started wearing men’s suits. They did this by wearing blazers, also referred to as “boyfriend” blazers, to distance themselves from gender binary clothing. Today, they are still a big hit, especially because they can be easily a part of power suits, which are great work attire.


No matter what, jewelry will always be a big hit. That is why many women like to wear them. However, when it comes to feminist fashion, jewelry is not that flashy. Some subtle necklaces, oddly shaped bracelets, and earrings, or something more elegant made of stainless steel; everything is okay, especially with the rise of male jewelry. Some women even prefer wearing jewelry made of natural materials, or made from faux leather, rope and so on. Possibilities are limitless and you can review your favorite styles at Jewelry Jealousy, and find what best suits your style of clothing. 

Oversized Clothing

You probably already like wearing your shirts oversized and slouchy. These are an important part of gender-neutral clothing, and it is no wonder they are a part of feminist fashion. Many women who don’t like being pushed into wearing clothes that will accentuate their bodies prefer this style, because they feel less pressured by society to be too feminine. That is why we have such an array of oversized, gender-neutral T-shirts, pants and even dresses, that will in no way put your body on display.


Since women were opposed to being pushed to fit the gender binary codes of society, they stopped wearing heels for some time. That is when the loafers came into play, and many women wore them. Another popular trend with shoes, that are making a comeback, is oxford shoes and ballerina-inspired shoes. However, when it comes to shoes, many feminists have decided to make a statement with them, and they are now wearing them in many different statement colors or they embellish them for that extra flare.

Basically, all the fashion trends that feminists started back in the day are still popular today. However, today they just come in many different colors and styles. Pick your favorite, grab some jewelry and a fancy bag and proudly march through the streets. 

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Express Your Inner Feminist Through Fashion
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