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Easy Outfits Anyone Can Pull Off

Fill your wardrobe with easy outfits that you can mix and match to up your style game while slashing the time it takes to get ready.

Image via Marie Claire

Every woman needs a wardrobe full of easy outfits that she can put together for a last minute date night or job interview on short notice. Do you want to cut down on the time it takes to create an ensemble for any occasion? You have to start off with a few wardrobe staples, such as jeans you love, flattering dress pants, tops in neutral shades, and at least one to-die-for dress. Statement-making pieces add spice and personality to your aesthetic, but you can't rely on trendy items that will fall out of style before the end of the season. Start with a classic look and build from there. 

Skinny Jeans and Heels

Skinny jeans are officially a style staple, and they're an integral part of all sorts of easy outfits. In a pair of skinnies that flatter your form and a pair of killer heels, you can wear nearly any top and turn it into a catwalk-worthy look. The heels dress up T-shirts and tank tops, allowing you to pull off a rocker girl aesthetic with a bit of punk couture added in for good measure. The jeans-and-heels combo is often spied in the hottest street style outfits, and it's not difficult to understand why.

A T-Shirt and a Statement Blazer

Easy outfits come together effortlessly. For example, pair your skinnies and stilettos with a T-shirt and a splash-making blazer. Offset classic or neutral ensembles with statement pieces that won't fail to grab attention. Fashion is all about risks, but you can make bold choices and maintain a timeless wardrobe at the same time. Snag a blazer in a print that won't go out of vogue, such as plaid patterns and certain florals. You can also pick out a blazer with a visually appealing design. Go for structure—a nipped waist, belled sleeves, artful lapels. Bring the blazer to a street style level with graphic T-shirts instead of plain ones.

Head to Toe Monochrome

Piece together a monochrome outfit with separates or ready-to-wear pieces that are made to complement each other. As long as you remain within the same colorway, you're good to go. That includes wearing cerulean or turquoise tops with true blue jeans, or shades of purple with indigo wash denim. Monochrome ensembles are universally slimming, as well, and wearing a single color, or variations of the same shade can even create the illusion of length. You don't have to work too hard to match anything, either.

A Bomber Jacket with a Dress

An edgy jacket is a sharp basis for many easy outfits. Bomber jackets pair with skirts, jeans, and even dresses. For on-point results, slip into a sleeveless, summery dress—regardless of the season. A sundress or a long, Boho chic maxi dress and a bomber jacket come together in a quirky but unquestionably sartorial mix that will make you stand out all year. If it's cold outside, just pull on a pair of tights or leggings. 

Tailored Trousers and a Structured Blouse

Need easy outfits for work that are business casual for women? All it takes is a bit of structure. Tailored dress pants and trousers are necessary for a well-rounded wardrobe composed of timeless staples. Black, navy, and cream or white are lovely colors, but add pep and pizzazz with unexpected patterns. Pinstripes are endlessly elegant, of course, but plaid is a fun, jazzy alternative. Wear your pants with a structurally appealing top. Anything with a definite shape is eye-popping enough to qualify.

Creative Color Blocking

You can color block in several ways. Many ensembles are ready-to-wear right off the rack. Dresses and suits are the most common. You can also take matters into your own hands and unearth separate pieces that flow together. That's the secret behind successful color blocking: harmonious flow. Colors can contrast each other as long as they're cohesive and pleasing to the eye.

An Eye-Catching Cardigan and Black Pants

A cardigan guarantees a cute outfit. Worn with the right items, such as a pair of yoga pants for every body and a tee shirt, and it's the ideal off-day look. Cardigans are particularly versatile, however, so feel free to give your cardi a spot in your wardrobe rotation. See how it goes with skirts, dresses, jeans, and even your office attire.

All Black: A Chic, Easy Outfit

All black anything, all black everything—you can't go wrong with black. It's chic, sophisticated, and slimming. Don't worry about matching shades, either. This timeless monochrome deserves its own mention because it's the go-to choice when you can't decide on any of your other easy outfits. Accessorize with oversize sunglasses and a red lip.

A Striped Top and Boyfriend Jeans

Nautical ensembles are effortlessly elegant. A striped top in any style will do the trick, so pick out a blouse that you can also wear to work or with date night outfits. Want it to seem as though you just stepped off your yacht? Opt for a boat neck top. Boyfriend jeans, capris, and shorts hold up the beach-ready aesthetic. Canvas shoes are the best choice in footwear, though espadrilles are a close second.

A White T-Shirt and a Midi Skirt

Who can resist the retro appeal of a midi skirt? Anchor the outfit with your simple white T-shirt. That way, you can shop for a sizzling skirt. Pick out a pattern for the fun of it. You can never go wrong with polka dots, but flowers, stripes, and more whimsical patterns are just as charming.

The Perfect Dress and a Denim Jacket

Denim never fades from style, and jean jackets are having a significant moment. Pair your favorite jacket with a dress to-die-for. Consider a vintage fit-and-flare silhouette. The retro combo goes in a way you might not expect. However, any fabulous frock will do the trick. A long maxi dress with a denim jacket or vest is the perfect summertime pair. Head out to the club in denim and sequins, too.

Having several easy outfits at the ready will allow you to get ready in no time. It's even better when you can mix your pieces and create fresh looks. 

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Easy Outfits Anyone Can Pull Off
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