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Best Workout Underwear for Women

It all begins with underwear. You can’t start a workout without the perfect pair. If you’re looking for fresh and new panties, check out this list of the best workout underwear for women.

If I told you that wearing the right underwear boosts your confidence and makes you work out harder, would you believe me? What if I told you that this is one of best kept secrets as told by celebrity fitness instructors? Well, as odd as it may seem, this is indeed true. As much as we would like to think that all workouts start at the gym, they actually start at home.

As women, it is difficult to find the perfect panties that fit our butts like a glove under the best yoga pants for any body, or that stay cool and dry mid workout. Being comfortable at the gym and with yourself is the first step you take before starting a killer workout. The worst thing that can happen is having your hot instructor stand behind you mid-downward dog and see that lacy thong slide up your waist. Save that for later.

Behind every successful workout is a good pair of performance panties. Everything that you need in a good pair of underwear—quick drying, full coverage, and odor resistant, you can find right here. Whether you're heading off to the gym or using fitness apps for home workouts, take a look at this list of the best workout underwear for women before getting started.

Bliss Girl Briefs by Natori

The name says it all. Feel total bliss when putting on this pair of panties. Coming in all sizes and colors, the Bliss Girl Brief is perfect for all of your workout needs. Slip on these fresh panties under your yoga pants and have the ability to stretch out while your underwear stays in place. It has the perfect cheeky coverage and makes you feel comfortable while you are performing stretches. This underwear moves with you. One of the biggest challenges about finding good underwear is getting a pair that works with your curves and doesn't slide up your back. This pair is exactly that.

Signature Lace Original Rise Thong by Hanky Panky

Who says you can’t feel sexy in workout clothes? This is exactly what Hanky Panky is for. The Shark Tank approved brand creates panties that are both sexy and comfortable. The signature fit hugs your waistline so that it stays put during low intensity and high intensity workouts. Wear it with yoga pants, trainers, shorts, or anything you can think of and notice how the soft lace gives you that flattering v-shaped waistband. Since it is made of lace and spandex, it will always keep you cool and dry as well as give you that pure stretch that you wish to have in every pair of panties. 

Invisible Hipster by Calvin Klein

This laser cut hipster is made from silky fabric that is seemingly invisible. Once you put on these performance panties, you will forget you have underwear on all together because they are that comfortable! Since the material hugs your butt so effortlessly, there are no lines under pants or leggings. They are perfect for long distance running because they are without elastic which will keeps from chafing and riding up the back.

Undie-tectable Thong by Spanx

Slim your tummy and waistline without anybody knowing with this spanx and thong crossover. This product features a high waist and all around seamless fit. It is both comfortable and made well with material that is known to wick away sweat. For those ladies that do not feel comfortable wearing lacy thongs and v-strings to a high intensity workout, this is the pair for you. It’s sexy in the back and serious in the front. You will have a no-show finish and have the confidence for a killer workout. 

Never Say Never Hottie Hotpant by Cosabella

This is a “kill two birds with one stone” type of deal. The Hottie Hotpants are boy shorts made of lace that give you that all around comfort while also being sexy. The lace material is breathable which means you will stay dry during your workout. The lace lay flat once you put them on and cannot be seen under any workout clothes that you decide to wear. This cheeky style gives no panty lines and stays in place whether you are stretching or doing squats. In addition to the stretchy lace and breathable material, it also comes in various colors for you to choose from. 

No Pinching No Problem by Warner's

Comfy, cute, and flattering—these panties are here to make your butt look good during any workout. The fabric is made of a silky smooth lace and is lightweight which leaves you with a smooth silhouette under any yoga pants or running pants. It is also made of a moisture wicking fabric that makes it odor resistant and allows for a pure stretch, perfect for yoga and running. Next time you are at a hot yoga session, make sure to take these panties with you and you will be thanking your cheeks later. 

No Panty Line Promise Bikini by Jockey

Just as promised, the No Panty Line Bikini is serving up both looks and performance. Made from Nylon/Lycra spandex, this underwear creates a silky smooth silhouette under any type of workout clothes and is stylish with fun prints and colors. This is a full coverage brief and is also seamless so it is worn for all around comfort. They are light and sheer and invisible under all clothing so you can wear them as everyday underwear as well as a workout underwear.

B-Smooth Brief by Wacoal

For all of you brief lovers out there, take a look at these workout underwear for women. Both seamless and smooth styling, this underwear is invisible under everything you wear, making it a fitness fashion you need to try. It features a seamless waistband for comfort and is made of nylon/spandex which means that it allows you to stretch while also staying cool and dry. The fabric is thick enough to be sturdy and provide modesty while also doubling as a performance panty. Another great thing about briefs is that they never ride up the back and will move with your body. There’s an urban legend that says once you switch to briefs, you will never go back!

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