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Best Tips for Sleep Masks

Sleep Masks

Tips for Choosing Your Sleep Mask

Since there are several models of sleep masks, you have to make the right choice to ensure its effectiveness. You can follow these tips to find the best sleep mask that suits you.

  • The first criterion to take into account when choosing a sleep mask is its shape. From the simplest, to the most comfortable, each model has its own way.
  • There are foam sleep masks that offer a small space in the orbits to let the eyes blink. There are models covering at the same time eyes and ears as well as those with concealer.
  • The manufacturing material is an important criterion for a quality sleep mask. Here, comfort counts more than softness. To have the luxury, bet on the sleep masks in cashmere or satin as they're very trendy as well.
  • If you are an occasional traveler, opt for a cotton mask as it known for its softness and suppleness. For those who sweat a lot, the polyester mask suits most, being solid and resistant.
  • Nylon is a material of extreme softness and lightness. A nylon mask will immerse you in a great feeling of well-being during your trip in an airplane.

Best Sleep Masks for Travelers

The following recommended sleep masks are for travelers.

Travel Earth

  • Thanks to its high-quality design, this travel accessory will help you find a peaceful sleep in flight or simply relax. It is especially distinguished by its unique, thermoformed three dimensional design, which eliminates the spaces around the nose by preventing light from penetrating into your eyes.
  • It also features padded and hollow pockets inside, which do not stick your eyes for better comfort. In addition, its material combining silky fabric and molded foam allows a comfortable rest during the journey without your eyelashes touching the inside of the sleep mask.

Stellar Deluxe Sleep Mask

  • Your trip will be synonymous with relaxation and serenity with this one. It is a comfortable and cheap accessory, perfect for resting during the flight. It is a model with refined light design to bring you unparalleled comfort during your journey by plane.
  • Completely breathable, it is designed in cotton, with a foam and suede lining. It perfectly covers your eyes by plunging them into total darkness, an object that slips into your best travel kit.
  • You will also be able to open and close your eyes, thanks to its internal spaces. As you wear it, you can adjust it through the stretchable velcro straps. It is a mask to help you sleep in absolute peace.

I would also suggest you check out this article for more details about sleep mask recommendations and reviews.

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Best Tips for Sleep Masks
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