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Best Fashion Films to Watch on Netflix Right Now

If you’ve got a love for clothes, style, patterns, and originality, there are countless titles waiting for you to stream! Check out the best fashion films to watch on Netflix this weekend!

Netflix is home to thousands of engaging movies, television shows, and documentaries for many different audiences. There are countless Netflix must-watches on everyone's list that they haven't gotten around to yet. If you’re into fashion and want to learn more about the most famous and influential designers, this list is for you. Check out some of the best fashion films to watch on Netflix right now.

Dior and I

Raf Simons became the creative director for Christian Dior in 2012. Dior and I goes behind the scenes as Simons creates his first couture collection—and has eight weeks to do it.

A thrilling look into the fashion world, we see all the hard work and fast-paced movement it takes to bring a collection to life on the runway. The French fashion house is one of the most revered in the world, so of course, Raf had his own set of pressure to create something elegant, beautiful, and unique.

House of Z

This documentary chronicles the career of Zac Posen, one of celebrities’ and the fashion industry’s favorite designers. Charismatic, stylish, and ambitious, Posen offers a fresh look on the industry. This young prodigy had many ups and downs at the beginning of his career, with some saying he was too young to be achieving success so quickly.

The film includes behind the scenes footage and exclusive interviews to tell the story of the rise and fall of his career. Watch to find out how he redeemed himself to become successful again in a tough industry.

Fresh Dressed

What does it mean to be fresh? Tune in to this documentary to find out. Directed by Sacha Jenkins, Fresh Dressed is one of the best fashion films to watch on Netflix. This documentary explains the history of hip-hop culture and style, explaining how it’s evolved to the styles and streetwear you see today.

You’ll see interviews from many hip-hop artists and fashion icons including Kanye West, Pharrell, and more. From the early days of hip-hop with Adidas and heavy chains to the more bold and daring styles we see now, many trends of fashion sprang from this Black-led style and culture. This will make you want to watch the best music documentaries on Netflix to see how the fashion and music industries truly affect each other.


Iris Apfel is a 96-year old fashion icon. This documentary follows Iris as she shops, consults with models, and haggles with sellers. Throughout her interviews, she shares stories about being an individual and not being afraid to take bold fashion risks.

Iris became known for her bold, colorful styles paired with costume jewelry. Directed by Albert Maysles, the biographical documentary covers her insight on the fashion industry and how she’s influenced many designers and other fashion icons today.


The next documentary film on our list unveils Belgian fashion designer, Dries Van Noten’s creative process. His timeless pieces and unique designs have helped him build one of Europe’s most popular and influential fashion houses.

Dries was shot beautifully and offers the designer’s insight into the world of fashion. Because he had such a unique mind and bold pieces, Dries remains one of the most unique fashion designers in the world who has a true passion for fashion.

Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards

In this documentary, Director Michael Roberts tells the story of Manolo Blahniks, a legendary shoe designer. His designs are worn on high fashion runways, by celebrities, and consumers alike. Some say he’s the king of shoes.

The film discusses his creative process and how he manufactures some of the most adored accessories in the fashion industry today. You get a small glimpse into the mind of Manolo and how he got his start in shoe designing. The film also features many celebrities and fashion execs who chime in on his work, passion, and influence on the industry.

The First Monday in May

Every year, one of the biggest nights in the fashion industry is held—the Met Gala. Celebrities and fashion execs come out once a year on the first Monday in May dawned in high fashion styles designed based on the theme. This documentary film covers the planning phases leading up to the 2015 Chinese-themed event.

The styles coming down the red carpet are gorgeous, outrageous, and bold at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Catch some behind the scenes moments where the executives and their planning crew build an extensive display in the museum, confirm celebrity appearances, and more. The film chronicles all the work it took to bring about the most fashionable night of the year.

Franca: Chaos and Creation

Directed by Francesco Carrozzini, Franca: Chaos and Creation covers the career and influence of his mother, Franca Sozzani. She is one of the most influential magazine editors of recent history, whose bold and rebellious spreads changed the way we see fashion and made statements of their own.

Franca led Vogue Italia for 30 years, and under her direction, we saw daring fashion and journalism. The fashion documentary covers the creation of some of her most unique photos and fashion spreads. Some saw them as shocking coming from such a prestigious fashion source like Vogue. Under Franca’s leadership, the institution evolved into something way more than just pretty dresses and jewelry.

The True Cost

One of the more serious films on our list, The True Cost is a documentary about the not-so-pretty side of the fashion industry. It shows us the impact that making clothes has on the workers who make them, as well as its impact on the environment.

Although fashion is something to celebrate and enjoy, it’s also important to take a step back and understand its true impact. The film leaves you thinking about the higher cost to pay for the high-end fashion that we love.

Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer

The last of the best fashion films to watch on Netflix tells the story of rebellious and unique fashion designer, Jeremy Scott. He’s known for mixing pop culture with fashion and never being afraid to take risks.

The documentary tells the story of his rise in popularity and his journey from growing up in Missouri. Discover how he made it as an influential designer at Moschino. In the film, you’ll also see celebrity appearances from Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and more. All of these are must-see movies on Netflix, you can't go wrong with any of them!

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