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Barbie on a Budget​

Places to Shop When You Are Broke

In a world with 7 billion people, we all seek our own identity. Brands are now able to market and research fashion in order to set trends and make bold statements. With so many brands accumulating and surfacing every corner, it is hard to find one that meets your needs. To add to your worries, budget, location, and quality impact your shopping experience. It is hard to deny the universal truth that we live in a capitalist consumer-driven economy. Our society emphasizes and judges individuals through the way one identifies oneself through fashion; thus, making the cost of confidence expensive. However, there is a solution to the stress of shopping. For this reason, I must ask, do you crave to have a perfect style that everyone desires? Well, what’s stopping you! Money is no longer a worry knowing a few online shops and hacks you could apply to your wardrobe.

Shein Fashion

This online shop has everything from women's fashion to childrenswear and even household needs! The site efficiently has everything shipped in a matter of weeks at a low cost. Despite that, they have regular coupons and a points system that could be redeemed for a discount on future purchases. This is by far my favourite online shop. For the cost that Shein sells there clothing at its nearly impossible to leave their site emptyhanded.


Zaful is an excellent shop that is used by lots of social media personnel. The site is reasonably priced and includes lots of trending items for everyone. I would definitely recommend checking out what they have for you! They have daily deals and daily coupons! Extra savings! You cannot find a better deal with quality merchandise.


There are many price ranges on Asos partly because they offer different brands. However, you could find plenty of affordable things. Asos pretty much has everything and anything you could be looking for from fashion to living to skin care! Definitely worth checking out.


Online Fashion, Dresses & Clothes Shopping US | Showpo
Showpo is a fun & forward Australian online fashion clothing store, shipping to USA and the world. We feature the best in dresses, rompers, skirts, two piece sets and much more!

Showpo has many affordable items that usually look more upscale and could pass for being far far far more than they're worth. This site has the latest trends for women and their clothing is super cute.


Topshop is super trendy. They have adorable clothing that is relatively priced. They have so many statement pieces. There shipping is fast, and there clothing is an amazing quality that lasts long.


For some, this site is a hit or miss. However, for myself, I’ve only had a good experience. Wish has items that are beyond cheap and it basically has everything and anything. Shipping for myself has been pretty quick and everything I’ve purchased has been good quality. I recommend reading the comments on products.

When shopping, ask the store if they have student discounts! Many stores have some discount they apply to people have can validate they are students through seeing their student ID.

Use the app "Retail Me Not." This app has coupons to many stores such as Pac Sun and American Eagle.

Start buying clothing that goes on sale due to the season and incorporate it into your fashion next year.

Attend warehouse sales! Warehouse sales are amazing because it's racks filled with clothes you never knew you needed that are all marked down. Aritizia has a decent warehouse sale that is worthy of checking out.

Now I hope this helps expand your closet and confidence through fashion. For myself, I see fashion as an outlet of self-expression. We look for fashion to set us apart and to exemplify who we are. Knowing affordable shops that help support your goals in the look you wish to present yourself as makes it a little simpler.

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Barbie on a Budget​
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