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Autumn and Winter Comfy Must Haves

My Favourite Jumper/Cardigan Trends and Staples for Autumn and Winter

All sites for these styles are referenced throughout the article- hope you enjoy.

So this year's autumn fashion has given us some brilliant new styles that will help us to keep warm. Haven’t seen them yet? Girl, I’ve got you. I’m going to mainly focus on this seasons main staples in jumpers and cardigans, and the styles that I am a fan of.

The Shaggy Knit Cardigan

The first style that I feel is especially bold, is the shaggy look cardigans, this style almost looks like the wool has been pulled from the cardigan.

Pretty little thing- £45

This cardigan in particular costs £45 from Pretty Little Thing, and this is the standard price for this style of cardigan. I know what you are thinking—who in their right mind would pay that much money for a cardigan? And I agree the price is quite steep—but to have such a staple in your wardrobe pays off long term, especially if you buy it in a colour that matches most of your clothes (for me this would be a beige, brown or a black).

The Bubble Sleeved Cardigan

Another new style of cardigan that seems to be very popular this season is once again a cardigan that will hit you hard in the bank, but girl, it is worth it.

Yes, it’s the bubble sleeve cardigan; this particular one is from Missguided (they’re killing it) and if you are anything like me, you cant help but think this is a cute and almost endearing style of cardigan for this season. I personally love that this cardigan is so big on the model that it looks edited on. This cardigan is one that you just want to curl up and read a book in- but it can also be worn with jeans and a body suit (like the model does) to dress it up, or even just with a very basic plain dress, or a basic skirt and top, so the cardigan is mainly emphasized.

Now that this seasons favourites are over, we can get onto my all time favourite basics jumper wise, year in, year out, these are the easiest jumpers to pair with almost anything and everything.

The Cropped Jumper

You got it right hun—the cropped jumper. The jumper above retails at just £12.60 from Pretty Little Thing. A cropped jumper or cardigan is always a staple, especially in nudes, simply because it can never go out of fashion and goes with almost everything. If you want to dress this look up you can go for a more bright jumper—i.e. red, and team it with a midaxi skirt and some matching boots. You could also pair this look with some white jeans, some boots and some layered gold necklaces—which are very in this season. Basically, this staple goes with anything and everything.

The Off-the-Shoulder Jumper

The off the shoulder jumper is perfect for winter, autumn, and the transition in between. This style is simple to pair with some joggers that are a similar/the same colour, making it easy to look sleek in maximum comfort. As I’m sure your aware, the joggers and a jumper co-ord has been around for a while now, and I for one am living for it. But we’ll get to that later- this jumper in particular could be paired with some plain leggings, or if you would like to dress it up, some boots of a similar colour and a pair of plain black jeans. If you would like to dress a little bit more girly, the jumper could easily be paired with a black mini skirt and some tights, with the same jumper and boots.

Comfy Co-Ords

Last but certainly not least, there are the comfy co-ords. As previously mentioned these are perfect for this time of year as they help to maintain a polished look, but they are also effortless and supply maximum comfort—to me, this is a win-win situation. There’s something cool and chic about wearing joggers in the day time, but to make this look a little more polished, you could add a pair of heeled boots in a similar colour. The co-ord below has a beautiful waffle-knit texture that is STUNNING and supplies maximum comfort—at £30 for the whole fit? A girl can’t moan (p.s. this is also a Pretty Little Thing co-ord).

Overall, it’s the season for jumpers and comfort, and I hope I’ve been helpful in making it easier for you to have the cutest wardrobe favourites this season. 

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Autumn and Winter Comfy Must Haves
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