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Baby Phat Is Back!
2 months ago
I am old enough to remember the original Baby Phat. This brand was one of few that catered to curvier figures with denim that stretched across the hips of hippies kids to hip hop lovers, all baring a ...
"I Love Being Black"; Rihanna on Fenty First-Look and Fashion as a Woman of Color
2 months ago
Rihanna has proved herself a skilled entrepreneur. From her musical roots as a performing artist, she launched into fashion with a partnership with PUMA and her lingerie line, and into the beauty spac...
#JustDoIt; Nike’s Stance on Social Justice
2 months ago
In my opinion, Nike has been on a roll. Following the French Open banning Tennis GOAT Serena Williams from wearing her Wakanda inspired Catsuit, Nike posted the following to their socials: