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Forever 21 Is Sending Plus-Size​ Shoppers Atkins Bars
24 days ago
So many of us enjoy some good online shopping, especially at our favorite store's sites. But just imagine after spending your hard-earned cash and scoring some pieces only to receive your new goodies ...
Why this Major American Designer Chose to Produce Her New Line in Flint, Michigan
a month ago
When Tracy Reese took a break from New York Fashion Week last February to focus on making her business more sustainable, she also quietly diversified her design portfolio, creating United Airlines uni...
The Truth Behind Nike Pulling the Flag Sneakers
a month ago
Nike is back into the public sphere with its latest decision to pull one of their shoe designs. Nike's now pulled design, the Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July, an Americana-inspired design that f...
Kim Kardashian-West Is Changing Her Shapewear Line's Name
2 months ago
It looks like Kim Kardashian-West is having a change of heart. The media mogul's launch of her shapewear line, formerly called Kimono, will be getting a new name shortly. As reported earlier, Kardashi...
Why Kim Kardashian's "Kimono" Is Rightfully Catching Major Heat
2 months ago
Another day, another Kardashian or Jenner appropriating someone else's culture. This time, it's Kim Kardashian-West with the announcement of her new shapewear line. No, it's not the shapewear itself o...
Beyoncé Is Allowed to Create Stuff You Don’t Like
2 months ago
Beyoncé is having a week in recent news, none of which is her fault. Last week, a video from the NBA Finals showed Beyoncé visibly uncomfortable as the Golden State Warrior’s majority owner’s wife hol...