Taylor Fernandez

Media student from Australia. 

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Réalisation Par: Does It Live Up to Expectations?
3 months ago
Alexandra Spencer and Teale Talbot's brand, Réalisation Par, has been THE thing since its conception in 2015. Réalisation's dresses are having their moment, being adored by influencers, models, and ac...
Monochromatic Inspiration
3 months ago
I like the idea of dressing head-to-toe in just one colour. It feels like such a fun idea. When I think I am being a Risk Taker some mornings in doing the same, it unfortunately never goes further tha...
Spring 2019: Suits On the Ready-to-Wear Runway
3 months ago
Suits have surpassed their status as business attire, so it’s only natural to see a translation into various forms of suiting on the ready-to-wear runway. Spring 2019’s suits are all about a monochrom...