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10 Indie Fashion Brands That Are LGBTQ-Friendly
8 months ago
Greetings and salutations. I'm someone who has worked in fashion before as both a model and a consultant. Though the fashion industry is known for being very welcoming of LGBTQ individuals, the mainst...
Indie Fashion Designers That Are Reinventing Streetwear
8 months ago
Streetwear is one of the most intimidating fashion genres out there simply because of how rapidly it evolves. One moment, a streetwear style is deemed "classic"; the next minute, it seems like the ver...
10 Fashion Designers Who Have Serious Cult Followings
8 months ago
The fashion industry is one which is hard to predict, to say the very least. It’s one that involves a lot of marketing, even when your keen eye for aesthetics is undeniably awesome. With some designer...
Gender-Neutral Clothing Brands That You'll Love
8 months ago
For around 25 years of my life, I was hiding a long-term secret. Even my closest family members didn't know. I dressed in dresses. I wore makeup. I had boobs. But, despite all these things, I wasn't c...
How to Wear Platform Sneakers
8 months ago
Let me tell you a little story of the me that existed back in 2005. It was a year that was the height of Jersey Shore-esque fashion, a time where wearing "boots with the fur" alongside Applebottom jea...
Affordable Fashion Brands Celebrities Love This Year
8 months ago
Hollywood has a way of pricing people out of looking pretty, doesn't it? It seems like every single celebrity featured in magazines has a multimillion dollar fashion budget—and well, they do. But, tha...