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10 Indie Fashion Brands That Are LGBTQ-Friendly
10 months ago
Greetings and salutations. I'm someone who has worked in fashion before as both a model and a consultant. Though the fashion industry is known for being very welcoming of LGBTQ individuals, the mainst...
Indie Fashion Designers That Are Reinventing Streetwear
10 months ago
Streetwear is one of the most intimidating fashion genres out there simply because of how rapidly it evolves. One moment, a streetwear style is deemed "classic"; the next minute, it seems like the ver...
10 Fashion Designers Who Have Serious Cult Followings
10 months ago
The fashion industry is one which is hard to predict, to say the very least. It’s one that involves a lot of marketing, even when your keen eye for aesthetics is undeniably awesome. With some designer...
Gender-Neutral Clothing Brands That You'll Love
10 months ago
For around 25 years of my life, I was hiding a long-term secret. Even my closest family members didn't know. I dressed in dresses. I wore makeup. I had boobs. But, despite all these things, I wasn't c...
How to Wear Platform Sneakers
10 months ago
Let me tell you a little story of the me that existed back in 2005. It was a year that was the height of Jersey Shore-esque fashion, a time where wearing "boots with the fur" alongside Applebottom jea...
Affordable Fashion Brands Celebrities Love This Year
10 months ago
Hollywood has a way of pricing people out of looking pretty, doesn't it? It seems like every single celebrity featured in magazines has a multimillion dollar fashion budget—and well, they do. But, tha...