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10 Honeymoon Dresses for Under $100
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Between the wedding dress, wedding expenses, honeymoon accommodations, and other travel expenses, most people don't have a massive budget for a new honeymoon wardrobe. But you can get some gorgeous, p...
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How to Dress Like a French Person
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There's no one right way to dress like a French person—contrary to popular belief, it's not a country made up entirely of striped shirts, red scarves, and berets. Nevertheless, it's no accident that F...
17 Cute and Affordable Bags on Amazon You Can Buy
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A love of handbags can be an expensive affair, but cute bags don't have to come at a costly price, nor do you have to spend hours combing discounts and thrift stores to find the right bag for your loo...
Fashion Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs
a year ago
Fashion, as we know, is a complex thing. It changes radically with the times, and what was considered the peak of style a decade ago might now be considered downright cringe-worthy. The influence of r...
10 Stores Every Curvy Girl Will Love
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The fashion industry has historically catered most significantly to a very limited and unrealistic set of sizes and proportions, often leaving curvy women with tragically few options. Luckily, women e...