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Fashion Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs
2 months ago
Fashion, as we know, is a complex thing. It changes radically with the times, and what was considered the peak of style a decade ago might now be considered downright cringe-worthy. The influence of r...
10 Stores Every Curvy Girl Will Love
2 months ago
The fashion industry has historically catered most significantly to a very limited and unrealistic set of sizes and proportions, often leaving curvy women with tragically few options. Luckily, women e...
Different Ways to Style Boyfriend Jeans
3 months ago
Boyfriend jeans are a must-have staple for every fashionable wardrobe. They're extremely comfortable and easy to wear, but still show off impeccable style and taste. But as with any basic wardrobe sta...
Most Inspiring Fashion Quotes of All Time
3 months ago
Fashion is an art form like any other. It's a method of creation, of expression, of reflecting and creating culture. This is why fashion and music intertwine, as well as other art forms. But in some w...
Important Fashion Terms Everyone Should Know
3 months ago
Being a fashionista isn't about clothing—it's about culture, creativity, and occasionally making a statement. And as with any culture—especially a creative one—the fashion industry is constantly chang...
How to Style Socks with Heels
3 months ago
Wearing socks with heels isn't exactly a new style, but it is one that has been slow to catch on. While the most daring and fashionable have been rocking this look for a while and the best fashion pho...