Morgan E. Westling

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How Fashion Affects the Environment
3 months ago
The environmental impact of the fashion industry is crippling. Fashion affects the environment in a huge way and it is the second largest polluter in the world coming in second place to oil. Most peop...
10 Most Comfortable and Classic Chelsea Boots
3 months ago
Chelsea boots are elastic-sided ankle boots, and they are a classic style that every woman should keep in their wardrobe. Chelsea boots can be worn in all seasons with the right outfit, and they aren’...
90s Fashion Trends That Are Back in Style
4 months ago
90s fashion is back in style, there is no denying it. From crop tops to fanny packs to crazy hair accessories, the bright colors and flashy materials are making their way onto the streets once again. ...
Most Fashionable Films Ever Made
4 months ago
Some of the most fashionable films throughout the past century have inspired our sense of style off the big screen and onto the runway, into the retailers, and onto our bodies. Leading ladies such as ...
How to Shop for a Flattering Swimsuit
4 months ago
Shopping for a flattering swimsuit can be a challenge for every body shape. Flattering swimsuits are hard to find, because every body is different and every bathing suit is different, but they are a b...