Megan Andresen

I'm a lover of vintage and classic style, traveling, and sustainability. 

Rooted in the Midwest, you betcha. 

Companies Changing Retail
9 days ago
The term "retail apocalypse" has been used pretty frequently in the past five years. The retail apocalypse and the world is ending as we know it, at least, that is what they keep trying to tell us. NO...
Color Combos You Need for SS'19
13 days ago
Are you an avid wearer of black? Are you an avid wearer of white? Do you think black and white are the perfect color combination? Well, I am here to change your mind. This spring/summer 2019, colors a...
Vintage Vibes
16 days ago
If you haven't been paying attention, fashion is one of the biggest contributors to water usage, waste, and not-so-sustainable practices. Coming from someone who works in the fashion/retail industry, ...