Lindsay Parks

Pizza snob. Definitely will not try anything once.

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11 Cute and Funky Socks You Can Buy On Amazon
8 months ago
Are socks the new secret art of expression? Maybe, or maybe not, we like to not take socks that seriously. Instead, we rock fun and funky socks all year round to keep the days interesting. Replace bor...
What Is Normcore?
9 months ago
Once upon a time, there were individuals who did not care about fashion trends and would wear anything that was comfy. Individuals who on their day off loved non-cool sneakers and non-trendy skinny je...
How to Get the Best Jeans for Your Body
9 months ago
Is there anything better than slipping into a pair of comfy blue jeans? The best jeans for your body are going to be comfortable and cute, but it can be pretty hard to find that nowadays. The problem ...