Charlotte Fay

A Mummy and Wife from Kent UK. I’m an Author, writer, certified Mindfulness Coach, Image Consultant and Trained beauty therapist. I enjoy holistic living, reading and spending time with my son. I love France and all things French Style.

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French Girl Lifestyle Tips
5 months ago
The French way of life continues to be the goal of many. From fashion to diets, the French seem to be leading the way. With books like How to Be Chic and Elegant by Marie Anne LeCoeur and French Women...
A 30-Piece, French-Inspired Capsule Wardrobe
5 months ago
Is it just me or does the French look never get old? To me, it is the ultimate look, timeless and classic. But how does a normal girl get this undone yet oh so put together look? Well, it’s a mix of c...