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Australian Summer Footwear Must-Haves

Decide what the most important factor is for you when it comes to footwear, and fully enjoy the hot Australian summer.

Summer is always in season. At least that seems to be the case in Australia. Warm weather, the shining sun, and summer clothes—those are the essentials for every Australian. And, of course, summer footwear. So, get your feet ready and choose your perfect shoe, based on one of the following criteria:

Don’t Really Have Much Time to Think About It

This basically means that you are in a rush and just want to wear something that is summer appropriate and requires no time to put on (so nothing that requires lacing). Your perfect footwear is… thongs! They come in all sizes and colors, and they are unisex, comfortable (at least the majority of them), and affordable. When it comes to fashion, well… thongs may not be the most fashionable footwear, but they are definitely a classic. If you nevertheless want to add a touch of style to them, give it a go.

Another great and quick option is slide sandals. Can it be any easier than this? They are available for men and women, and in a variety of styles, so you will have no trouble finding your perfect pair. They may even become a fashion statement piece, as many luxury brands, such as Hermes and Gucci, have unveiled their own versions of this footwear.

Comfortable is all I care about.

This is pretty self-explanatory. All you are looking for in a shoe is that it’s cozy and makes you feel happy. And no one can judge you because of that. Accordingly, your first choice may be sneakers. Sneakers could probably win when it comes to the footwear type with the greatest number of variations. They are also suitable for a number of occasions and won’t let you down if a sudden splash of summer rain encounters you. Also, you can pair them even with shorts or dresses, or maybe go a step forward and try the “ugly sneaker trend.”

Another great option that fits into this category is Crocs. Believe it or not, Crocs have come a long way since they were first shown in 2002. They are still available for both men and women but spiced up with a multitude of styles such as thong or flats versions. In addition, if you prefer it, you can even find a bedazzled version. So, opting for a quality pair of Crocs in Australia can be both stylish and the most comfortable option for the summer.

Fashion, Baby

You are a trendsetter and a fashion lover, and a shoe lover. The footwear you will use needs to be aesthetically pleasing and needs to speak about your personal style, as well. How, then, can you incorporate the summer-appropriate factor in all of this? The answer may be: wedges and heeled strappy sandals. Both of these options add a lift to your physical self and your style. While wedges may be more suitable for a day look, strappy sandals will add that irresistible touch of elegance much needed for a night out. If you want to make a real and bold fashion statement, you should try the latest trend of 2019, floss heels. This shoe is all over fashion runways and Instagram, and it is here to stay.

On the other hand, you may want to opt for brogues or loafers. While the distinct brogue shoe is most certainly a stylish piece (especially when talking about men’s fashion), loafers represent a more relaxed version of fashionable. This in no way means that a pair of brogues can’t be styled with a pair of chinos just as good as with a formal suit. However, loafers are most certainly a versatile shoe, being suitable for a late brunch outfit equally as for a formal meeting.

In the end, the choice is yours. Decide what the most important factor is for you when it comes to footwear, and fully enjoy the hot Australian summer.

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Australian Summer Footwear Must-Haves
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