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A Woman's Guide to Summer Party Attire

From classic cookouts to formal weddings, you will never be left with nothing to wear.

Summer is in full swing, and that means your social calendar is filling up fast. As you organize your family and send out RSVPs, it’s time to think about a key element of each engagement: your wardrobe.

With the right party attire, you can look stunning and stay cool through each event. However, there’s no need to stress out. This guide will provide some specific ideas of what to wear, and how to style your outfit before each party that you attend. 


Shorts and a tank top are the go-to's for summer barbeques, so you shouldn’t be afraid to elevate this look into a more stylish ensemble. Trade your denim shorts for a more sophisticated linen pair. A bag waist can also be a great option, since the cinch will create shape as the wider legs keep you cool. Add a fitted tank with wide straps, and tuck it into the shorts.

Then accessorize with a strappy sandal and dangly earrings. This look will keep you comfy all through the cookout, while ensuring you’re showing off your top-tier knack for style.

Children’s birthday parties

Whether your little one is celebrating a birthday, or you’re tagging along to a friend’s, the classic jumpsuit will be your friend. You can expect to be on the move for most of the party, and maybe even chasing kids around and picking them up off of ninja turtle bounce houses. So you will need an outfit that moves with you as you’re on your toes. Jumpsuits are quite versatile, so you can find a piece that matches the party. A wide-legged piece can be perfect for a casual get together, while a more fitted jumpsuit can be better for a more formal affair.


No summer is complete without a handful of weddings. If you will be attending your family member or loved one’s wedding this year, it’s best to have a few different pieces on hand. Most fit and flare dresses are classic wedding options, especially when paired with a clutch and a pair of pumps. They also pair well with a leather jacket for late-summer weddings when the nights are cool. If you prefer a longer dress, pleated midis, wrap dresses, and formal jumpsuits are other possibilities.

Dinner parties

Summer dinner parties are often held outdoors, and have a garden party feel. So, a midi dress or a longer skirt can be the perfect attire for these occasions. Choose the fit and neckline that makes you comfortable, since there are so many styles available.

Floral patterns, gingham, stripes, and classic solids might become your go-to for dinner parties this season. And, don’t be afraid to style these with delicate accessories to create a soft and classy look.

Cocktail parties

Whether you are attending a cocktail party for work or a charity event, there are ways to look formal while staying cool. A long, breezy dress can replace heavier cocktail dress fabrics. However, you can also find lighter varieties of the little black dress.

Shorter wrap dresses, and even a slip dress can work well. Drape a light jacket over your shoulders to add sophistication, and be sure to layer on the accessories.

Whether you are packing your social calendar this summer, or taking it easy, the right outfits can help you enjoy each summer night and weekend to the fullest. You can make summer dressing as easy as possible by keeping some go-to pieces in your closet. When in doubt, you can reach for these staples, and accessorize according to the occasion. The result will be comfortable and memorable outfits that you can wear again and again. 

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A Woman's Guide to Summer Party Attire
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