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25 Must Have Leggings


The best part about being a woman is, arguably, the fact that we get to wear leggings. They're comfy, stretchy, and we all look great in them! So why not take a moment to celebrate them and all the different kinds out there.

All About Leggings

Are you as obsessed with leggings as much as I am? Do you want to add more to your collection? Well then, scroll down, you legging lover, because here is a collection of all kinds of leggings, from classic to party! You are sure to find leggings on this list that you will love!

1. Galaxy Cat Leggings

What else was going to be number one on the list? This seemed like a no brainer to me.

2. Night Garden

Anything can be printed on leggings, you could make your own custom design too.

3. Roses

This one is one of my favourites! I think I'm just a sucker for roses.

4. For When You're Actually Going Out for a Jog: 'Sporty Ombre'

It concerns me that these leggings are named "After we die" ...

5. For Those Who Love to Have a Hint of Neon Colour: 'Sticks'

These would look super cool at a rave... just saying. 

6. The Classic (and Affordable)

Nothing wrong with the classics!

7. Waves on a Black Sand Beach

I've always wanted leggings where one leg was a different design from the other, theres a lot of patterns out there and not enough creativity.

8. For When You Really Want to Stand Out

I would look so good in these at a parade or two!

9. A Simple Grey Scale Floral Design: 'Falling Grey Daisy'

The fabric is so soft too.

10. For When You Want to Stand Out at Festivals

The sequins would scratch me, but I would look great!

11. Or Maybe You Want to Try Something New for New Years Eve

Yup, no dress for me this New Years Eve.

12. My Personal Favourite

I just feel so sexy with the mesh lines! 

13. In Case You Want People to Guess Whether or Not You Are Wearing Pants at All...

Story time, I wore leggings a lot like these to work once and everyone had to take a second look to make sure I wasn't half naked... I was later told I wasn't allowed to dance in them. It was a fun day.

14. Drama Queen

Who says your leggings can't be a work of art?

15. Regal Snowflake

For those who want regal and colourful.

16. Blush and Darkness

17. Glass in the Park

This one says to me... oil spill... but a pretty one.

18. Ice Ice Baby

I want these ones too!

19. For Those Who Really Want to Be Noticed... No Matter What

I love them, but I won't buy them ... 

20. Don't Forget About Capri Leggings!

For the days you actually go jogging in your leggings. :P

I'm not judging, we all wear leggings without working out. 

21. Bright Neon Pink Leggings... for Parties!

You never know, you might get invited to a 80s party!

22. For When You Want to Pretend Your Leggings Are Sweat Pants

Those look really comfy... 

23. Because You Can Never Have too Much Floral in Your Life

24.For When You Want to Pretend You Are Wearing Jeans

They do look nice, but how stretchy would they really be?

25. And Last but Not Least, a Cheaper Version of Jeggins ... Because We Can't All Be Rockstars

What else to place in the last spot but then the loved and admired 'jeggings! So you can pretend like your wearing jeans instead of your usual leggings, but you're still comfy. Win! Win!

Thank You

Thank you for reading my list! I certainly hoped you enjoyed it. If you want to read more about me, just scroll down a bit for some bonus content! If you want to send me a message, my contact info is just below too!

I started blogging about a year ago, and I promise you that my work has improved significantly since then. I’ve taken online classes about writing and I am doing my best stay away click bait tactics. It would be really awesome if you join the adventure and maybe even help me think of what to write about next. If you would like to submit some feedback or ideas, you can always tweet me on Twitter. 

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