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2018 Spring's/Summer's Collection Runway Review

Let's take a closer look at this 2018 Spring's and Summer's collection runway: Versace, Rodarte and Christian Dior.

via. Vesna Filipovic from

I'm already missing summer! Such a beautiful display of clothing pieces, props, color use & inspiration at this year's Spring’s & Summer's collection! We're now in the Fall-Winter Season collection. I’ve already seen a couple of collections and I'm already late in giving my reviews for them. Just recently I discovered the spring-summer 2019 collection dropped just a few months ago but here we go still!

After watching & reviewing many of designers runway show of this year. I have chosen two designers' to review, so here's my Versace, Rodarte and Christian Dior review. 


via Vesna Filipovic from

Versace was by far my favorite spring-summer 2018 collection. We start the runway show with bright yellow short dresses, jumpsuits and jackets with black Meander patterns. The handbag choices for this runway were black baguettes, satchels, and barrels. We then transition to a bold & sharp black business men's wear, one piece, leather jackets, and dresses. A few pieces in gold meander patterns on black outfits.

The collection spices up when pastel blue and pink pieces walk onto the runway. Simple pastel blue Versace t-shirts with blue western pants and tops with gold patterns and hints of black. A few one-piece swimwear with a matching scarf with more Meander patterns. Some of the pastel blue clothing have gold seashells & starfish patterns which was a very beachy look for spring. Sunglasses are edging, thick with Tresor de la Mer print. Pastel pink pieces make their way on the runway. Very vibrate and cute everyday shirts, skirts, dresses, and blazers. The outfits accessories were pink vintage and butterfly tribute sunglasses along with medusa tribute leather cap.

I can definitely find some pieces to wear. I love wearing black in spring and the gold patterns will help tone the Spring feel. This is definitely a collection you have to check out because the pieces can be also wearing in Summer as well. 


via. Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho

Rodarte runway set is inside an open brick hallway with a view into the glorious French garden displaying outside.

The pieces were lightweight & transparent. The accessories were floral crowns, floral shawls and small colored bows like pink, gold, and white. The collection was very wedding theme for me, which is my personal opinion but I know I'm definitely off of the real theme. The theme was floral, which explains a lot since all the pieces have

The collection is for a particular woman who free-spirited and doesn't mind showing a few areas of the skin. I can picture a woman wearing a couple of these outfits for a small get-together or an evening out with their boyfriend. These fabrics are breezy, not to showie or too revealing, which make them perfect for the Spring and Summer.

Christian Dior

via. Virginia Cafaro from Glowsly

Can we take a moment to admire these black and white pieces? Who says black and white are too dull? Each piece different from the last. 

I was very impressed by how the runway show was coordinated.  At no time did the pieces conflict with the checkboard floor, which at first had me a bit worried. I love the hanging art, very dynamic, earthy and deep. 

Now the rectangle boxes that only had you focus on their eyes was a nice touch, some made the eyes bold and others feather and faded. 

Overall the pieces from both designers were incredible and down to earth, each reflecting their vision down the runway. I'm looking forward to reviewing the 2018 Fall-Winter Collection.  

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2018 Spring's/Summer's Collection Runway Review
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