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10 Sweater Dresses You Need this Fall

Stay cozy.

Fall is here! The leaves are crunchy, the cocoa is warm, and of course, the weather is chilly. It is the time to go through your closet and pull out those big cozy sweaters. Sadly though, not all our "big cozy sweaters" equal fashion. We wear them out to get groceries, maybe to class if there's no one there we like to talk to (LOL), but that's about it honestly. 

It's time for fashion to meet comfort.

And so I bring to you, the comfiest, coziest, warmest, AND cutest fall outfits: Sweater Dresses.

Yes it is a thing. And yes, you can wear them out! Don't believe me? Check out these 10 sweater dresses that are both fashionable AND comfortable:


This elegant sweater dress is both classy, and comfy. I can attest to this, as I have ordered each of these dresses before reviewing them. This is my #1 fave, understandably! It's sophisticated, and classy, yet it still feels like wearing a cloud. Seriously. Check it out.

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This photo makes the dress look so angelic, and believe me, that is accurate. Soft, cozy, and so adorable! This light pink I am especially keen of in the fall, makes for perfect colour schemes. This dress isn't super tight either which I love. It stays loose and comfy, while still keeping all the warmth in. Winning!

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I am obsessed with this dress because I cannot even believe it's a sweater! This particular dress looks more like business meeting attire yet it is so comfortable and light. I have no shame wearing this out whatsoever, so glad I picked it up !!

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Okay, firstly, how is this chick so darn pretty?! Secondly: I am in LOVE with this sweater dress for so many reasons. For one, look how cozy it is! It has fur pockets, a thick turtleneck, and a large waistband. That makes for a very warm and inviting piece, and on top of that, it has a beautiful fit. Meaning when it arrived, I tried it on and it fit me as snug, and as nice as the model (okay, well almost), and I instantly was sold. 

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Even with a semi blurry photo, it is still SO clear that this dress is absolutely gorgeous. To see more photos you can head over to the store website, where they have extra pics of this beautiful piece. It's angelic, soft, and classy. In love.

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I am lover of odd and quirky fashion, so if you're like me, you will smile at this one. It's simple, yet detailed. It has beads along the collar attached to different coloured tassels. Unique, delicate, warm, and adorable. Sold.

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Titled "Earthy," this dress is a fabulous colour of green, perfect for the season. I love the jaw strings that fall down the collar, and the mini hood that hides subtly in the back. It's super warm, and works amazing with tall boots like shown in the photo. I love pairing it with my booties, a messy bun, and a cup of warm peppermint hot chocolate (seriously, try it.)

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I just HAD to include this one. Its slim fit is so unique and creates such a beautiful figure on any lady that welcomes this dress into their collection. It's soft, warm, yet so stylish. One of my favourite pieces.

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Ummm hello! This dress screams nightlife to me. Hot, fitting, and yet still, so comfortable! I grabbed a few colours of this one as I love variety, especially for pieces that are for going out. This whole look is well put together, right down to the seams on it. If you still like to go clubbing in the winter, and don't want to check your coat, I urge you to check this dress out!

Shop This Look


Save the best for last?! This lacy dress is a show-stopper that's for sure. It's elegant, catchy, sophisticated, yet SO soft. I cannot say enough good things about this piece, except for that you need to check it out for yourself! Seriously, if you buy this, you will be actively searching for opportunities to wear it. And yes, I am wearing it while I type this out. And yes, it does actually look like the photo (trust me, I will be taking many selfies to prove it ;)

Shop This Look

Happy Fall! Stay cozy. ♡

Photo by Corey Blaz on Unsplash

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10 Sweater Dresses You Need this Fall
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