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10 Runway Looks You Need to See

Fashion is ever changing. That’s what’s so great about it. These runway looks are some of my personal favorites that I thought I’d share.

#1 Mermaid Vibes or Sharpay Evans Vibes?

(Spring 2018 - Source: ImaxTree) 

This color popping number is straight from Vivetta at Milan Spring 2018. It’s fun and you could even say fabulous. Sharpay Evans vibes or mermaid vibes? You decide.

#2 Time to put on your rose colored glasses.

(Fall 2017 - Source: ImaxTree) 

This short white gown is from the Fall 2017 Giambattista Valli Haute Couture. It isn’t anything but stunning. The rose pattern is part of why it’s such a beautiful piece. Wearing this dress, people are sure to know that you rose to the occasion.

#3 Lavender Dream

(Spring/Summer 2016 Couture-British Vogue) 

Ralph & Russo have outdone themselves on this beautiful Lavender dress. It’s simple yet has a touch of elaborate design that’s draping the shoulders and runs down to the waistline. It looks as though a string of beautiful lavender flowers was made into a shawl just to wrap the dress to make it into this Lavender Dream.

#4 Business Casual?

(Spring/Summer 2016 - Source: Indigital- British Vogue) 

This Zimmermann ready-to-wear dress print reminds me of a powerful pantsuit. Except this pantsuit made into a dress has a delicate detail of lace underneath that really gives it a business casual feel.

#5 Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom

(Photo: @Couturenotebook) 

This Spring 2015 Haute Couture: Ralph & Russo dress might as well be a piece of divinity with how cultivating it is to the eye. It resembles a pure white rose in bloom, hence the title “Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom.”

#6 Red Angel

(Spring 2017 - Source: FB/HauteCoutureWeek) 

This piece by Alexis Mabille is a sight for sore eyes. Forget angel in white, this red dress is giving us definite red angel feels.

#7 Cruella DeVil Evening Dress

(Fall 2012 - Source: ImaxTree) 

Lanvin at Paris showcased this refined dress straight out of Cruella DeVil’s wardrobe. We can all agree that Cruella isn’t the best person, but she had good taste in color schemes when it came to her clothes. Black and white is classic and this fun dress can spice up a dinner party in a heartbeat.

#8 Spicy Slip with a Slit

(Christian Dior 1997) 

This red slip dress with a side slit is just what the doctor ordered. It’s also a tongue twister. Anyway, this is a risqé choice, but nothing can top this racy dress. Now say “slip dress with a side slit” or “spicy slip with a slit” ten times fast.

#9 Garden Made of Silk

(Spring 2017 - Photo: Yannis Vlamos / 

This runway shot is from the Carolina Herrera ready-to-wear fashion show. It showcases many pieces but this one, in particular, stood out. It’s elegant and classy. It could be described as a garden made of silk because of the pattern, color, and natural beauty of it.

#10 Goth Flower Power

( Fall/Winter 2017/2018 - Source: 

Badgley Mischka made one of my favorite dresses of all time. It’s a simple and classic black dress with flowing sleeves and flowers stitched onto the sleeves which gives it a high-class lovely look to it. The beauty is in its simplicity. Someday, this will be in my closet!

Which one did you like best and wish you had in your closet?

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10 Runway Looks You Need to See
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